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Nov 20, 2007 11:06 AM

Pretzel rolls

Does anyone know of a bakery in the Baltimore area (city or county) that carries pretzel rolls?


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  1. Do you mean kummelwick buns? If so, Wegman's carries them. If not, I have never found a bakery in America that even approaches what is available in Vienna or Germany.

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    1. re: Joe H

      I'm not sure what kummelwick is, but I used to get these small sandwich rolls in a bakery in Arlington, VA that were the same consistency as soft pretzels, but obviously in the shape of a roll. I've got a mean craving for "turkey on pretzel".

      1. re: sullybird

        Both Heidelberg on Lee Highway in Arlington and the German deli on Lee Highway in Falls Church carry similar rolls. I believe you'll like the kummelwick rolls at Wegman's.

        1. re: Joe H

          I thought Kummelwick or Kimmelweck were rolls with course salt a caraway seeds on top of them. This is the roll used in a Buffalo classic beef on weck. Not at all close to a soft pretzel.

          To me a pretzel roll is a roll that would be a soft pretzel if it were twisted differently. I don't know where you can find them locally.

          1. re: Annapolis07

            This is a post of mine discussing a visit to Vienna and sprossenbrezen among other similar seeded, salted rolls and soft pretzels: Literally, the soft pretzel roll could be a sprossenbrezen. Which, yes, is entirely different from a kummelweck ("wick") bun. Still, I believe that beef on weck at places such as Schwabl's have a strong German heritage and, for some, a roll such as this crusted with salt and caraway seeds is reminiscent of a kind of pretzel roll, if you will, which is widely available in Germany and Austria. The roll that Steve mentions at Heidelberg is indeed, very good-actually as he notes, great with wurst. Still, I have not found anything in the U. S. that even approaches the sprossenbrezen I had at Julius Meinl on the square in Veinna.

          2. re: Joe H

            The German pretzel rolls are called 'logen brotchen.' or literally Pretzel Broaches - like a piece of jewelry. The ones at Heidelburg make the perfect hot dog or wurst bun.

            1. re: Steve

              Not to be too picky, but it's actually "laugenbrötchen." Lauge is lye (i.e. what you soak the product in to get that nice brown crust) and "Brötchen" mans "roll" (or, more literally, "small bread"). The word for broach is Brosche.
              If any of you read german, there are some good recipes online for making German style pretzels, which could also be used to make these rolls. The best ones I made involved a solution made with baking soda and salt.

      2. I think Chow also has a recipe for them fyi.

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        1. re: ktmoomau

          Here is a place in Baltimore. I have never been, but they have pretzel rolls listed on their website.

        2. The Giant Food Stores in southern PA carry them. I'm not sure about the Giant stores in MD. Good Luck. They are also very easy to make. You can find recipes online.

          1. Call Griffin's restaurant in Arnold. They serve some of their sandwiches on pretzel rolls.

            1. You can get sandwiches on pretzels at Bailey's Pubs and Bennigans, FYI. Just in case you want to have one made for you! :)