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Nov 20, 2007 10:40 AM

Blind Lunch Date on a Tuesday - Liverpool St Station


I have a blind date with a lady I've been fixed up with by a friends wife. Were meeting up at Liverpool St station next Tuesday (27th). Knowing how busy it can get around there. I'm looking to take her somewhere relatively quite with good ambiance/food/venue for money. We're not drinkers so preferably not looking for a bar-restaurant. Small would be nice as well as friendly and romantic (not in a cheesy way).

Any ideas?

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  1. willing to walk 10 minutes to charterhouse square?

    cafe du marche is a good safe bet - nice frenchy stuff with ingredients fresh from smithfields market. tres romantique.

    when you're done eating, its pretty enough around the area.

    1. Miyabi in the Great Eastern Hotel...Japanese, small, sweet service. (It may not make Oonth's top sushi joints, however.) Great green tea...not from a bag.

      How much time do you have? I've heard great things about Cafe du Marche (Howler's rec), although I think it's a very brisk 10 minute walk from the Broadgate side of Liverpool Street station.

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      1. re: kristainlondon

        right you are krista - its more like 20 minutes. but its a nice walk through the barbican, past an old bombed out but rebuilt church in which cromwell got married in, past the london museum, past a church garden with a fountain and a wall with plaques attesting to deeds of heroism and then to charterhouse square.

        imran - if you do decide on cafe du marche, make reservations and i'll map out the walk for you.

        krista - you sound like you know the area well - do you work there? if so, there's a very pretty little hidden churchyard garden to go have coffee in and soak up the ineffable joys of this city; let me know.

        1. re: howler

          Thanx Howler,

          I'm going into London on Saturday to scout some places out. If I like cafe du march I'll book and you can map that walk out for me; weather permitting on Tuesday. Thanx a lot!

          1. re: imrannazir

            dont worry about the weather - most of the walk is in the barbican and you'll be covered. you'll have 5 minutes braving the elements - and the cafe du marche is worth it.

            1. re: howler

              This looks like a great spot.....any favourites among the three eating rooms there?

              1. re: zuriga1

                no favourites, they're all nice.

            2. re: imrannazir

              Hey if its not any trouble could you map it out for me as I want to try it out on Saturday. Thanx for all your ideas. Much appreciated.

              1. re: imrannazir

                walk through finsbury circus till you get to moorgate station. at the back side of moorgate station (facing west) you'll see stairs and an escalator taking you to first level of the barbican. take those stairs and follow the yellow line (painted on the ground) towards london museum. as i said, you'll see st. giles church as you walk on - its where cromwell was married and john milton buried. when you get to london museum, follow signs for the barbican tube station. exit the barbican at the barbican tube station (you'll walk over aldersgate st) and turn left. look for carthusian street on your left. that'll bring you to the bottom of charterhouse square.

                its 1 mile by car (should be shorter as a walk) and its an interesting walk. lots of history to mug up on to drop casually in conversation.

                to get a in interactive view, go to google map
                select 'get directions' and type in from liverpool street station to charterhouse square. it'll give you the road directions via london wall, but not the barbican option of course. still you'll get the visual picture.

                  1. re: howler

                    One thing Howler, Isn't St Giles over near Tottenham Court station? Are you saying I see see it from the Barbican?

                    1. re: imrannazir

                      nope - this is st. giles without cripplegate and its right in the barbican.


                    2. re: howler

                      Hi Howler,

                      Went to find it yesterday along the route you suggested and very pleasant it is too, even though it was chilly yesterday. Venue was really nice, only thing of concern was that at £31 per head its too pricey for a first date and a blind date at that. I could not see the menu to the brasserie next door as it was being used for a private function and the website does not hold a menu either. Any idea what a typical meal there costs. I've already booked a table for two at Canteen to be on the safe side. We're going to meet early so I guess we can still do that walk. Thanx.

                      1. re: imrannazir

                        i'm afraid i don't remember the cost - but why don't you call them and ask?
                        7608 1609.

            3. What about Canteen in Spitalfields market? Are they open for lunch?

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              1. re: KaCHing

                Yes it is nice but I think its waaay too bus.y and a little over priced for what they served

                1. re: imrannazir

                  There is a very nice tapas place in Spitalfields Market, Meson los Barilles. They specialise in fish.