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Nov 20, 2007 10:40 AM

Headed to NYC...any south-board recs?

title says it all....

I've read and recommended with several of you regulars and I trust your opinions. (Can't tell 'bout them Yankees sometimes) ;)

anyway, the wife and I are headed to the big apple, financial district next week. i will be working while she vacations, but at night we can roam around. we will be there tuesday - saturday lunch.

i've posted on the yankee board so i don't need the "recommendation" to go post over there LOL.

We're looking for just GOOD. doesn't have to be fancy, touristy or cliche (aside from the NYC style slice...i've GOT to try that!)

thoughts from any of you travelers?


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  1. Dim Dum in China Town, cheek the NY board for the latest and greatest. Joes Shanghi also in china town for the soup dumplings.

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      Chazzer is right on the money! Joes's Shanghai is awesome!!!! Casual, yes, fast paced and hustle bustle...Yes and also very important, CASH ONLY. 9 pepp street in Cinatown. It is Fantasic better than just good. Of all the places in NYC I can not beleive someone posted about it.

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        Esca is a bit obscure for us.

        Pearl looks and sounds good. Added to "the list"

        1. re: scpierce

          Then try Lupa.

          It's always fun to try one of the Batali restaurants. This one is pattered after a Roman trattoria....great pastas, simple braises.

      2. Yes, this is touristy and cliche. I'll get blasted by many for recommending it. But as overused as the place is, I still love going back time and again to the Carnegie Deli. Communal dining at long tables. The waiters aren't as rude as they used to be. Cash only. Prices that will give you a coronary. Massive quantities of food that no self respecting person should ever try to eat in one sitting. Cheese blintzes to die for. Great corned beef and pastrami "sandwiches" (a massive pile of meat with a skimpy piece of bread below and above). Giant cheesecakes. Walls covered with photos of celebrity diners from the last few decades. It's the quintessential NY Jewish deli experience that people want to tell their friends back home about ("You'll think I'm exaggerating, but I swear I'm not!").

        It is weird and superficial and overly showy and strangely comforting all at once. No reservations. You'll stand outside in a line at mealtimes, but the line moves. The place is bigger than it seems from outside.

        Oh, and the hot nuts vendors on the streets have delightful offerings this time of year.

        1. If you want Deli, go to Katz Deli on Houston Street. Last time I was in NYC (1 year ago) I went to a wonderful little italian place in the east village called Col Legno (231 E. 9th Street).

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          1. re: carolinadawg

            Katz's feh! But hey I only loved the 2nd Ave Deli, where you'd order a fatty corned beef sandwich...
            Peter Luger's in Brooklyn is what's left of old New York. I'd eat a dosa from the famous dosa guy's cart in Union Sq. park. And there are some new Israeli places that make great felafel.

            1. re: Rory

              Hmm, I'm pretty sure the OP was asking about restaurants that are actually open now, so that he go there and get something to eat, but maybe I mis-read his post.

              1. re: carolinadawg

                Katz's is a must. It's gotten too much ravings from the Manhattan hounds for me to miss it. plus i'm a HUGE reuben fan, can't wait to have a real one. although.... the one from no name deli in columbia sc is pretty good, it was much better when ms. annie was running the grill.

                lupa looks good. i see us being a frustration for the wait staff with all the questions of what things are in!

                1. re: scpierce

                  You will love Katz. Another great experience is to take the subway to Brooklyn and have a pizza at Grimaldi's. Fabulous pizza, and Its literally located underneath the Brooklyn Bridge. Then walk back across the bridge for an amazing view of the Manhattan skyline.


                  1. re: carolinadawg

                    Grimaldi's? Fuggetaboudit! What you want is DeiFara's on Avenue J in Brooklyn. The best pizza in the world, bar none (okay, Totonno's in Coney Island is a very close second but it may be too out of the way for a non-NY'er). DiFara's is a couple blocks off the train line (the Q, if I remember), maybe 30-45 minutes out of Manhattan, depending on where you're starting from.

                    Batali's restaurants can be quite good but difficult to get into.

                    While you're at Katz's, stroll over to Grand Street and get some bialys from Kossar's. They'll only stay fresh for one day but don't worry. You'll finish them all by nightfall. Have one hot on the spot. Pick up an onion board, too, while you're there.

                    And if you've never done it before, don't discount the quintessential NY street food experience. Get a dog and a soda - knish optional - from a cart and eat on the go.

                    Speaking of knishes, DON'T bother with Yonah Shimmel's when you're on the LES. It's heydey, if it ever really had one, is long gone.

          2. Mitali on 6th St. for Indian food. John's on 13th St. for a good Italian restaurant with mama-style red sauce (don't confuse it with John's in the West Village, which is an upscale pizza place), then go around the corner to Veniero's for dessert: unquestionably the best pastry shop in the city. If you've never been to a Chinese noodle shop, check out which one is recommended in Chinatown this season, and for dim sum 20 Mott St. is the big draw. The 2nd Avenue Deli is supposedly reopening pretty soon in a new location, so find out whether "pretty soon" is "already" and if so, go there for your deli experience. Otherwise, Carnegie Deli will give you a more full-menu, potentially fancy experience, while Katz's is more bare bones, but Katz's meats are the best. I don't know whether you can get a Reuben at either one, since they are kosher and a Reuben isn't. Drop in to Russ & Daughters down the street from Katz's and pick up some fish for breakfast in your hotel room the next morning, too.

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            1. South Bronx is easy, go into any dominican restarant and find out what good dominican food is all about.

                1. re: carolinadawg

                  Veniero's on 11th just off 1st great italian bakary for dessert a must stop if only to buy pastries for your hotel room