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Nov 20, 2007 10:38 AM

Using a regular baking pan for cornbread

Can I use a recipe intended for a cast iron skillet ( if I don't have a skillet?

I know that cornbread is best made in a skillet. But since I do not have one, would it work okay to use this recipe (omitting the part where you butter the skillet and heat it up) with a regular baking pan? Or should I find a recipe meant for a regular baking pan? Thank you!

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  1. You can but it'll be more cake like with the crust, instead of the crispy crust you get with the hot skillet.

    1. use 8x8 pan. about the same amount of batter as skillet.

      1. You can use a pyrex square baker or even a pie plate. Instead of adding the the oil to batter, add the butter. Heat the oil called for in what you are baking the cornbread in and ad the melted butter to the batter. Omit the sugar. Heat the baker with the oil and when it is hot add the batter and pop into the oven. The hot oil will give you the crispy crust you want. Scour the Goodwill and thrift shops for an 8" or 9" cast iron skillet and clean it up running it through the self cleaning cycle of your oven and then lightly reseason.

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        1. re: Candy

          Do you ever have problems adding cold batter to a very hot pyrex dish? I've had a pyrex explode on me w/ water (not the smartest move).

          Being from Boston, I like my cornbread w/ a softer crust and sweet, like Durgin Park's cakey one.

          1. re: chowser

            THE NUMBER ONE safety warning with pyrex is extreme temperature changes.