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Nov 20, 2007 10:36 AM

Whipped cream quandry - what do people actually like?

I'm only too happy to make whipped cream to accompany pumpkin pie after my Thanksgiving meal - but it occured to me that lots of people like the spray stuff in cans or even cool whip. It wouldn't hurt to not have to deal with more dishes (no dishwasher) at that point in the evening. Ultimately, I just want to please my guests - what do you do? What do people like? Many thanks...

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  1. Gosh, its so easy to make the real deal - that's what we do in our family.

    1. I have one of those aerosol things where you put in the cream and add the gas. It is fabulous and stays frothy for a long time.

      Don't make homemade pie and insult it with chemical cream.

      1. Fresh whipped cream is always freferable if it can be swung. With a cold bowl and cold cream and sugar, it's not that big a deal to make. Redi whip is next but a step down and then cool whip is below that. Dietary restrictions may also come into play.

        jfood applauds your ""I just want to please my guests" statement.

        1. Much prefer the real deal. And actually, in our home we prefer it with no sugar -- just plain whipped cream. Since we are usually putting it on a fairly sweet dessert (pumpkin pie, etc.), the clean, creamy taste is what we prefer. We don't want any cloying, overly sweet (and fake!) taste added.

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            I'm with you on the "no sugar". But I will warn that most people think this is odd....

          2. I always make a batch of fresh whipped cream for the pies. But I also buy a can of the aerosol stuff because that way when my family eats the leftovers over the course of a few days, there is always whipped cream handy.