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Has anyone tried Sammy's Uptown in Bronxville?

It's new. I also heard it is owned by the same people who run Rosie's Bistro on the other side of the train tracks. Please post if you have been...

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  1. I think we drove by this place the other day. Be interested in hearing how good it is....

    1. lollypop, stopped in soon after they opened for a cocktail and appetizer...in this case just an order of the pate on the appetizer menu. It was good, the wine selection was fine...the Bronxville crowd is already gathering...the menu was comforting to read...will report back.

      1. Ate at Sammy's Downtown on Sunday with some friends. They've done a nice job of fixing the place up; I think they moved the bar and the entrance to leave no doubt that it's a whole new restaurant. Had the pate (good), the pork tenderloin (not bad but nothing special), and the triple chocolate cake (also nothing special but perfectly acceptable). Others had the scallops (good), risotto (not sure), veal Samantha (very good), the veal stew (good), and the lemon cake, which got oohs and ahhs. The service was kinda amateurish; hope they grow out of that.

        It's definitely popular with the locals. Saturday was booked up, Sunday was plenty busy if not packed tight, and I happened to walk by tonight (Tuesday) at about 8PM and it looked pretty much full.

        The 4 of us only had a single bottle of Beaujolais to drink, and we split 2 desserts, so your mileage may vary considerably, but we got out of there for about $45 apiece including wine, tax and tip.

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          I'm confused.....I drove by this past Monday to go to Sammy's and a sign on the door said open for lunch "ONLY" Tuesday thru Thursday, so how was the restaurant full at night? I assume the limited hours were part of a "soft opening"

        2. I just ate there tonight, and it's definitely fully open. We had 1) the octopus appetizer - super-tender, well-seasoned, excellent 2) a striped bass entree special with a dijon cream sauce and vegetable risotto - also excellent and 3) the bouillibaise - which was OK - not bad, just somewhat underseasoned, seafood slightly overcooked (I prefer most shellfish just above raw). Overall, service was very good, and we'd definitely go back. I think it will do well.

          1. Where exactly are they located?

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              across from the post office on Pondfield Road, the former Pane e Vino location...

            2. Sammy's Downtown is fantastic. It has the sophistication of a Manhattan restaurant, also at Manhattan prices. Since its' opening we've spent at least $1000 between multiple dinners and a few lunches. We have not been back to Rosies since Sammy's opened. Try the lobster ravioli when it is on the specials menu. Like Rosies you cannot get a bad meal there.

              1. Does anyone know where a menu can be found? I've googled and turned up nothing.

                1. We ate a Sammys last week and had a good meal, although I have to say that the food was just average for the prices that they charge, which seemed high. It was a weeknight, thus not very crowded, which made it quite pleasant. Actually, I was surprised by just how uncrowded it was. At this point in time, I think that we still prefer Rosie's, though Sammy's does have a different, less Italian menu. Come to think of it, I can't remember what I had as an entree, so I suppose it wasn't too memorable. The fried calamari appetizer was tasty, but really nothing out of the ordinary. I'd say that about the entire experience...

                  1. I went last night. Overall I thought the food was very good and prices reasonable. Most of the dishes had too much olive oil but I didn't mind b/c everything was very tasty. We had the Octopus salad. The octopus was delicious but the salad was over dressed w/ oil. The fried calamari was ok, tender, but nothing unique. Also the penne carciofi was excellent. Good food, good atmosphere, didn't knock my socks off but would def. go back.

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                      Since my original post I've been to Sammy's a few times. My first meal was the best. It has gone down hill with each visit. My last visit was on 5/22/08. We sat at the bar and was served by the bartender who was, frankly, clueless. She was telling everyone how tired she was and she was very inattentive. I had the hot mushroom bisque. It came out smoking hot and stayed that was for at least 15 solid minutes. In fact, it was so over heated that I think all the flavor was burned off. It was completely bland and I could barely detect any mushroom flavor despite the brown color of the soup. Then, I had a pear and gorgonzola salad. It tasted nice but the pears were very soft and appeared from a can. I inquired and was told that they were fresh and pre-baked and marinated or something like that. My dining companion had the beef carpaccio -- which is always good if not overdressed with olive oil.

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                        I found the same thing with the octopus salad, there was WAAYYY too much oil in the dressing. We haven't been to Sammy's yet, but my friends have said the food is very similar to Rosie's and the meat/veal dishes are very good.

                      2. We have been here three times and enjoyed each time. The service staff is young and extremely well trained! The food is really good and we find the prices more then fair given the current economic situation. Usually we don't like to go to Bronxville because of the difficulty of parking but this place makes us want to go. It is now one of our

                        1. Ate there in March - food was very good, as was the service. The decor and lighting is elegant. Priced fairly. I would return without question.