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Smoked Salmon

I bought a lot more than usual (1 lb), and want to see if you have any ideas on what to do with it, besides eating it with caviar, on a bagel w/ cream cheese, etc.. Don't get me wrong, both are wonderful, but I'm looking for something different. I'm the only one in my house that eats it, so i want something that freezes well and/or can be re-used for another meal.

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    1. Just drape a couple of slices over some scrambled eggs...maybe throw on some chopped chives or parsley... let the heat from the eggs warm it slightly. Mmm good.

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        Agreed. I thought it was waste of good salmon...and then I tried it.

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            I just ate this at a restaurant last night.. smoked salmon, cream cheese, parsley, red onions, spinach -- in scrambled eggs. the word to describe it as described so much below: perfect.

      2. This is from the Barefoot Contessa, and is wonderful.


        8 ounces cream cheese

        1 teaspoon prepared white horseradish

        4 ounces smoked salmon

        1 tablespoon chopped fresh dill

        Thinly sliced baguette rounds
        1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice
        ½ cup sour cream
        ½ teaspoon kosher salt
        ¼ teaspoon black pepper

        Cream the cheese in an electric mixer fitted with the paddle attachment until just smooth.
        Add the sour cream, lemon juice, dill, horseradish, salt, pepper, and mix.
        Add the smoked salmon and mix well.
        Chill and serve with baguette rounds or crackers or crudités.
        If you can find it, I prefer Norwegian Salmon, as it is drier and less salty then other smoked salmon.

        1. I love smoked salmon pasta dishes! just google some recipes, I'm sure you can find a bunch.

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            small torn pieces in scrambled eggs with/out cream cheese.

            1. Lots of great ideas here, pasta , or with eggs. We recently put it on toasted rosemary bread with burrata.

                1. i can eat 1 lb in about a day a half....for some reason i find it to be the most addictive food in the world: i'm convinced its something to do with the oils...i recommend eating it by itself with your hands, kind of like a bear scooping fish out of a stream...

                  But i also find that a healthy serving of it by itself goes well as a starter/side for just about any meal.

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                    i recommend eating it by itself with your hands, kind of like a bear scooping fish out of a stream...

                    oh, that was rich...

                  2. With crackers, cream cheese and pepper jelly or capers and onions. In fettucine with an alfredo sauce. In an omelette with cream cheese and green onions. On a pizza with white garlic sauce. Instead of bacon in Eggs Benedict.

                    And don't worry about freezing it - when the catch is on, we'll catch our limit of reds, smoke them right away and freeze for use throughout the winter.

                    1. It is very good as a sandwich with soft bread and sour cream, yes sour cream rather than cream cheese. Squeez a little lemon over the salmon and maybe some capers.

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                        I used your suggestion for breakfast, and my God, it was delicious! I had some fresh bagels so I used a good fresh plain bagel instead of bread, a thick layer of sour cream, then the capers (non-peril Turkish capers-not sure how good they are compared to others, but love 'em), and some TJ's Coho cold smoked salmon on top. I could do this every morning! Next time, I'll try it with eggs!

                      2. Combine with cream cheese and dill to make a spread.
                        Spread on flour tortillas, roll up and stash in the fridge overnight.

                        The next day, cut into one inch long pieces and serve with a dipping sauce. Mine is almost always soy sauce and wasabi.


                        1. jfood always shutters when he sees people overwhelm the beautiful flavor of smoked salmon. His FIL places raw onion on the bagel & CC and jfood bites his tongue. With such a great flavor, instead of speed jfood recommends pace. He likes the idea of freezing, in such a manner that in the morning, a quick bagel with a shmear and a piece of salmon. By the time you get to the office, should be a perfect compliment for the morning and the first round of e-mails.


                          1. Are we just talking about the lightly smoked east coast deli style lox? How about the west coast version, often labeled as alderwood smoked, or in some cases, 'Indian candy' (for the smaller, dried pieces)?

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                              I recall asking much the same question while placing a phone order for some smoked salmon with Black Bear. This is a Native-run company on the Queen Charlotte Islands that sells its own smoked salmon. It is expensive, but once you taste it, everything else is just so much sushi.

                              The order taker suggested “Why don’t you try it the way we Natives here do? On a bagel, with some cream cheese.”

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                                Having shopped in one of the small groceries on the Queen Charlotte Islands, I suspect the' bagel and cream cheese' was spoken tongue in cheek. Pilot bread would be more likely, though I can't think of a likely spread. I was going to suggest oolichan grease (oil from a local, very oil sardine size fish), but I've never seen that in stores.

                                I just looked at the smoked fish at one of the up scale groceries in the Seattle area. They had a dozen or so choices, some as low as $16/lb, but $20, and even $30 were more common.


                            2. I recall a salad in Paris with smoked salmon, cantaloupe, frisee and some type of creamy dressing. Was quite memorable.

                              1. I had a really nice cream sauce and smoked salmon pasta at a wedding. If you can't finish it please mail it to me and my cats we will go nuts lol.

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                                  salmon with cream sauce and pasta is delicious, esp. with a touch of fresh dill. also try fresh fennel.....bulb and green leaves.

                                  beware of a greedy cat. mine will boldly swipe smoked salmon off my plate....WHILE i'm sitting there!

                                2. I have to try that suggestion to spread on a tortilla and wrap! I enjoy the ceremony of some smoked salmon with garnishs all around of chopped hard boiled egg, chopped red onion, chives, capers, etc.

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                                    and a squeeze of lemon, too -- all with thinly sliced baguette. that is my favorite trader joe's haul, what you just described, ms. dipesto!