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Sunnyside's "I Am Thai"

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Had a few meals delivered from here over the weekend, not too bad at all. While the places in Woodside/Elmhurst have nothing to worry about from "I-A-T", I feel this is the best Thai so far in this nabe: the "spicy" request had some heat, not just extra cayenne added as Greypoint has done to my dishes in the past. The Penang curry had some lime leaves in it which isn't always the case with Westernized Thai places. The sauces had a certain degree of complexity when compared to these places also, but Zaab & Sri they are not.
The Bangkok noodle soup was a redolent mishmash of peanuts, fishballs, citrus & sour (tamarind?), not necessarily balanced all that well, could've used some more cilantro & hot chilis, but I did get a flashback of sitting at a plastic table near Soi Sukhumvit so I'm happy enough. Perhaps they are new enough that their spicing methods are tentative until they figure out their customers' tastes? I think these noodle dishes will become a staple for me as the winter approaches.
It took about 1 hour till delivery, they are about 6-7 blocks away, I think they must have one guy on a bike now. The cuts of meat were cheap and a bit overcooked for me, Thai_Malay has had much better quality meat in the past (I really thought T-M's rendang meats were terrific for cheap take out, altho the last time I got some it was a bit tougher than the past, don't know if that's luck of the draw or a downhill sign.)
I have always preferred Thai-Malay for my take out /delivery, even tho' their food is so mild, it's still pretty tasty & the ingredients have always seemed fresh. But it's not really Thai food to me, more Thai-styled instead.
I Am Thai also had a number of Isaan dishes which sets them apart from a lot of other takeouts.
Anyway thumbs up for I Am Thai from me.

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  1. I agree with you for as much as I tried from them.
    They're no Sri but they're incomparable better than the chinese take-out places in the nabe and much much better than Thai Cafe on Skillman.

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    1. re: RedVelvet

      i'm clueless when it comes to thai in sunnyside.

      i've read less than stellar reviews of grey's point (is that what it's called?) on greenpoint and 42nd st.

      where is thai malay and i am thai? i can't locate it on google. thank you.

      1. re: Linda

        I Am Thai 49-08 43rd Avenue

        Thai Malay cafe 51-20 Skillman Ave

    2. ordered from there twice, food was ok but they messed up the orders both times, first time giving us the wrong appetizer, second time giving us appetizer rolls without any sauce. Hope they iron that out!

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        Service has gotten much better (not many people speak English there). I have to say the food's been getting really good too!

        1. re: Monkey Man Jake

          I really-really want to like them but every time I give them another try there's something that doesn't let me enjoy their food to the fullest - i.e.. the ginger duck was too soupy, my Bangkok soup just yesterday had some small pieces of what appear to be some sort of a nut shell (I hope that's what it was)... The soup was delicious though. I don't know, I have mixed feelings about this place.

          There's a new Thai opening on Queens Blvd. where Sunnyside Grill was, called Dee. Let's hope that one of all these Thai places gets it right. And I mean really right not just good enough.

      2. Hmmm, tried it twice. Both time the chicken/meat in the curry was tasteless. It was not seasoned at all. I ordered the roti with curry app, it came out of a frozen package that you can get at any Chinese market, compared to the hand streched one at Penang.... It is just like the rest of the Chinese takeout in the neighborhood, NOT recommended.

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          Agree with Smokyduck. I appreciate that Sri doesn't deliver, but still, jeez. It's hard to get motivated to try this place more than the twice I did already, given the discrepancy in quality between it and what's nearby.

        2. Didn't even realize this place existed! I usually order from Tasty Thai when I am too lazy to go to Woodside for Sri, mostly out of loyalty to my laundry lady (the owner of Diamond cleaners on 45th and QB also owns Tasty Thai). I like Thai Malay Cafe too, although I agree that it's more thai-styled than real thai.

          I'll have to give this a go, though. I am eagerly awaiting the opening of Dee as well, since it is RIGHT around the corner from me and it's about time that awful Sunnyside Grill closed.

          1. My friend and I got takeout from I am Thai tonight and we were very pleasantly surprised. I ordered from there several months ago and it was just okay. I had a dish from the sautee menu - basil sautee with veg and tofu and it was really really spicy and the vegs were really crispy and fresh. My friend had red curry with chicken and she was also very happy.

            of course if Sri delivered, I would order from there, and if they were closer to me, I would go pick it up. Alas, neither of these things are true, so I'm always on the lookout for places that are close and deliver. All the Sunnyside Thai I've had has been really average.

            I can see that everyone has different experiences, so there may be consistency issues, but I have to say that I really enjoyed my food tonight!

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              ordered last nite as well. maybe my 4th order from them?
              the basil rolls were delicious and gigantic and perfectly spicy. papaya salad was a bit of a letdown (this is my second time with this dish and i probably won't order again). the bangkok soup was just okay (i subbed out the meat and got tofu and they added fried tofu, instead of the fresh tofu they put in the ginger soup), but i prefer a cleaner taste (like the ginger soup) and even though i asked for spicy, it was pretty mild.
              drunken noodles delish (spciy noodles with beef, i believe they call them) and green curry good, too.
              these guys are definitely my go-to for thai in the immediate area.

            2. excellent siam rolls here. not so great on the pad thai front. everything else from them has been great.

              they're also fast with delivery and sweet on the phone.

              we order from them all the time and haven't been disappointed.

              my vote is this place for delivery; dee thai for eat in.

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              1. re: cobbler

                Stopped by here this evening on the way back from Costco around 9:30pm, to try some takeout, ate it in the car. Very nice people running the place. Tried vegetable spring rolls, spicy noodles with squid (drunken wide noodle style), basil shrimp over rice with red chili. vegetable ginger soup. Ordered mild on the spicy noodles and mild plus on the shrimp. Both dishes were pretty spicy. As a long time customer at Sri, I would say their mild is like Sri's medium, it was pretty spicy.

                Everything was good and very fresh, and the soup, as simple as it was, was suprisingly great, and I would get it with some noodles and other stuff in it as well. Really great to perk you up when you're feeling a bit sick.

                Prices are very reasonable. Good place to pick up stuff to go, they also have a $6 lunch special and lots of variety on the menu. Looks like a takeout chinese joint, with a couple tables, but it's so nice to find takeout Thai instead. Wish there more of these around, in other areas of Queens.

                What else is good there? How is their green curry? The owner said the shrimp and eggplant dish was popular.

                Will definitely be back to try some other things. It's not delicately prepared like Sri's food is, but it's more like homestyle cooking, and the price is right, and the ingredients are fresh, and they are more than willing to customize your food for you.

                1. re: janie

                  I guess I'll talk to myself, went again tonight for takeout, this time tried the green curry shrimp over rice. Disapointed in portion, too much rice, and only 4 smallish looking shrimp. Curry did not begin to compare to the complexity of SRI's, and it was $8.95 for what was mostly rice. Came with the same ginger soup, but don't understand where the bean curd is that is talked about, this just had vegetables in it, and no curd. This time the soup wasn't gingery enough. Oh well, guess I'll try something else next time.

                  1. re: janie

                    i love that ginger soup. i also have always loved their vegetable dumplings, but the last time i got them they were very doughy and oily and not enough filling. Major disappointment b/c I'd gotten them maybe 6 times before then.
                    The beef wrap / roll things are good for people who are scared of thai food, as they are basically beef wraps with a sweet and savory sauce and some basil. Good enough, but not if thai is what you're in the mood for.
                    And yes, heat is very generous at this place, which i love.