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Nov 20, 2007 08:30 AM

Afternoon Tea ~ does anyone serve fresh from the oven scones and use real clotted cream?

We would like to go for Afternoon Tea and our favourite place in the past has been the St. Regis which has a beautiful setting. Unfortunately the last time we went their once beautiful scones, flakey and fresh from the oven, had been replaced by cold hard balls that, while fresh, were not the traditional scone I'd come to anticipate and drool over. A beautiful scone is my favourite part of Afternoon Tea. The other interesting thing is that it seems easy enough to find clotted cream at the grocery store in NYC nobody who does Afternoon Tea seems to serve it and they just whip up some heavy cream and put that in a dish. Now I can survive the cream issue but I'm just hoping someone has a suggestion for an Afternoon Tea with what I would call tradtiional scones.

Thanks for your advice as we are only in NYC for a few days and we don't have time to try many places.

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  1. What about the afternoon tea they serve at The London Bar? I haven't been yet but it's been on my "to do" list. More here:

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      Hmmmm......that looks like it is worth investigating! I notice they say they serve the scones with chantilly cream so maybe that is the norm in NYC??? I was also surprised to see that they only offer strawberry jam when I would have thought raspberry preserves or other fruit preserves would be offered too. Even when I was London and had afternnon tea at Fortnum and Mason the scones weren't as nice as I thought they should be for British scones.

    2. The Carlyle has decent scones and proper clotted cream. Since you're over the St. Regis, you should give them a try.

      Note: I highly recommend you try the scones at the Lafayette Bakery on Greenwich Avenue. It makes no sense at all that they would have such wonderful scones, but they do! Buy a jar of clotted cream and your favorite jam. Heat up the scones just a bit, and serve yourself a nice tea at home.

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          Second that, the Inn at Irving Place does a fabulous tea in a charming, elegant setting.

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            I would recommend Lady Mendyl's too. On the other hand, I think Alice's tea cup has wonderful scones and the prices are reasonable.

          2. Alice's Tea Cup has fresh baked scones - and clotted cream. Also a great eggs over scone dish..


            1. Tea & Sympathy in the Village is very authentic - cozy and quaint. there's a British store associated with it next door.

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                i second the vote for Tea & Sympathy. I really enjoyed my visit there.