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Nov 20, 2007 08:26 AM

Group of 10, semi private dining?

I need some suggestions for dinner with 10 people. Italian, French, American preferred, but I would consider other. We're aiming for the 2nd saturday in December, so that's always tricky, but I know that you guys can help!! I would love to find a place that has a private or semi private dining room if possible. Anywhere south of 34th street preferred too, but would consider midtown east or upper east if there was a really great place. The idea, I guess, is to find great food and a very comfortable space. I think we're willing to spend $150 per person all-in.

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  1. If you're interested in doing tapas, Alta has a unique and beautiful special room that you enter through their kitchen. I believe they can accomodate a group of 10. It overlooks west 10th St. It's kind of cool, because everyone in the group passes by the chefs who say hi as they prepare their creative (and I think mostly delicious) tapas. It's a special experience. I guess kind of an outside-the-box choice though.

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    1. Tocqueville is wonderful-private dinign room upstairs overlooking the restaurant. Wonderful food and they are just so warm there as well.

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        I agree that it is a perfect place but think it would be a real stretch to spend only $150 with wine, tax and gratuity.

      2. Supper in the E. Village has a great little comfortable room under the bar... also Blue Ribbon Bakery has a whole cozy downstairs section that could fit 10.