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Food Pairing: What goes with building robots? (UWS)

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Heehee :) So I am taking my n3rdl0ve to a geekery date to build robots on the upper west side.

I need some help with creative ideas about what kind of food would go with this activity?

Something... futuristic perhaps? fusion? high tech gatronomy?

any ideas?

The robot village is on W81st at broadway, although obviously willing to travel to stay in "theme" :) And yes I know Mars 2112 would go with the theme, although .... shudder... just soooo touristy and BLEGH that involves stepping foot in times square, screw that!

thanks everyone for your suggestions!

yours in robotic dynamics,
robotgirl :)

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  1. Tailor maybe? DOing some very creative/cutting edge food wizardry over there.

    1. The original comment has been removed