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Nov 20, 2007 08:05 AM

Help me with green bean casserole

DD has been home 5 minutes from college and already complaining! I need to make her the traditional green bean casserole that has sauce, mushrooms and FF onion rings. Would like to do something a little more Chowish than Campbell's cream of mushroom soup. If you can suggest how to make this non-dairy, even better (soy milk, Fleishman's margarine, chicken soup stock, etc.) Any suggestions? Happy Tgiving!

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  1. I've tried making different versions of this since my in-laws love the regular green bean casserole. I like the other versions better but they don't. I think people who love green bean casseole like it the way it is, no changes. So, this year, rather than fighting the trend, I'm having one of them bring it. Much easier. That said, you could make it w/ a thinned-out mushroom/turkey gravy instead of white sauce. Use earth balance instead of butter. I don't like the way it tastes w/ soy milk. I think it's good compared to the regular green bean casserole, but prefer other methods of cooking green beans overall.

    1. I was asking just about the same thing and got a lot of lovely ideas. Check out the link to that thread:

      1. Trying to make it kosher for the DD - think I will do a veloute sauce with chix stock, flour & Fleischmann's. Saute variety of fresh mushrooms and use some of the dried shitakes I have (lifetime supply from Costco!) adding water chestnuts (for crunch), sauteed onions and garlic and top with FF onions. We use French style frozen green beans, that's what the little lady ordered, that's what she will get - Thanks guys!

        1. Chow has posted a wonderful redux of the classic dish! Heres the link:

          1. Alton Brown just did what looked like a great version that used fresh ingredients. Should be able to find it on the food tv site. Don't have a link handy right this moment. :)

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              He made a white/gravy sauce w/ a mix of chicken stock and half and half, starting with a butter roux. It looked good but not dairy free.

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                No, but that wasn't a requirement of the OP, it was "an even better". :)