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Nov 20, 2007 07:50 AM

Dallas - All you can eat Korean BBQ or buffet

I am looking for a good all you can eat Korean BBQ or buffet for a (probably long) lunch. I need to introduce some coworkers to Korean food and I figure the best way to do that is to let them sample a number of various dishes. Most of the BBQ places I have been to in other areas (even Korea) were all you can eat, but I can't seem to find one in the Dallas area. If I can't find one I will look to go to Seoul Garden since it is close by.


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  1. I cannot think of any all you can eat Korean places here.

    1. There is this place call Snow Mountain. It has Korean and sushi. Never been, so don't know if it's any good.

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        I've been to snow mountain. The korean is ok, woo me ok across the street is much, much better. Snow mountain is no longer buffet and I'm not sure of any korean buffets in the area.

        1. re: zapawork

          Right, Snow Mountain isn't buffet.

          What is better at Woo Me Ok? BBQ? We love Snow Mountain's seafood pancakes and japche, but their BBQ isn't very good. They have tiny grills.

      2. I've been looking for one myself, ever since I left the Chicago area. There seems to be none anymore (after Snow Moutain quit the buffet).
        The restaurant on the corner of Royal and Harry Hines comes to mind (was it Chosun Kalbi?) for me. You can order both made by the Chef, or out on the grill.

        1. Omi Korean Grill just opened last month in the H-Mart shopping center in Carrollton and offers an all you can eat Korean BBQ option for $18.99 per person. Meats are cooked by diners on the table gas grill.

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            Thanks for the tip donna. I went last night and they were very busy to the point where they had run out of some types of meat. Considering it's a buffet, I wanted to venture out into meats that I hadn't tried yet, so maybe next time. On the plus side, they were very quick to keep our table stocked with meat, but service was a bit slow for refills on drinks and rice.

            They also served this sweet ginger/cinnamon drink at the conclusion of our meal and that was pretty delicious. Anyone have any clue what it is? I'll have to ask what it is next time I come back.

            1. re: air

              Yes I've been wondering the same thing. It appeared to be a rice based drink with ginger/cinnamon. I was served the same thing at the end of a meal at Kalbee House once.

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                The drink is called shikhye.

                1. re: catwm

                  do you know how to make it? if so, please share the recipe.. sometimes i get a few floaters, of corn or ice flecks, even better.. thanks!

                  1. re: lizlemon

                    Sorry, I've never made it although I enjoy it alot whenever a korean restaurant serves it. I Googled shikhye recipe and the first link has somebody trying out a recipe they like.

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                      thanks i will have to look it up...

                      1. re: lizlemon

                        Just a clarfication- Shikhye is sort of a cloudy drink with rice floating in it. It shouldn't have cinnamon in it. The cinnamon one (sometimes garnished with a dried persimmon) is called sujeonggwa. Here's a recipe I found for the cinnamon one:


                        My mom used to make both and they are pretty time consuming-- especially the rice based one. You could easily pop into Hmart and get some pre-canned...not as good but instant gratification...

                        1. re: minnesotajane

                          oh thanks so much for the recipe and local source for purchase.. which section/isle would i find it at hmart? know of any local korean places that may sell it on the side for dessert like at vietnamese places? thanks again..

                          1. re: lizlemon

                            I don't think most Korean restaurants sell it. Desserts are pretty scarce in Korean's just one of those things that they may offer to you at the end of the meal. You could ask them about it specifically though b/c I've noticed sometimes they don't offer all the same things to non-Koreans.

                            As for a Korean market, you could probably find cans of it in the refrigerated drink aisles. Hmart, KoMart, etc should carry it. Happy hunting!

            2. Sura Korean Bistro has a buffet option. You tell them when you walk in and they will point you to the second floor. We went for lunch one day and you grill your own meat and it had a small selection of sides and various meats. I think it was in the low $20s for lunch.