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Nov 20, 2007 07:28 AM

SWEA - Swedish Christmas Fair, Dec. 2

It is taking place on Sunday, December 2 from 10-5. It is at a new location this year - the Shrine Expo Center. There will be a lot of Swedish food and goodies, Glogg (I made this for gifts last year) and baked goods. Along with the Lucia Pageant (Anthony Kiedis from Red Hot Chili Peppers is crowning Lucia at noon - did not know he was Swedish!! ;-)). It should be a good time. Dancing, Gifts, Books, Music. Handmade Crafts.
But we all know that the food is the draw!! Happy holidays!

The Shrine Expo Center
700 W 32nd Street - Cross Street Figueroa
Los Angeles
Donation: Adults $6; Children under 12 - $1

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  1. Thanks for the head's up. I was in Stocholm a few years ago and bought some Glogg in a christmas villiage or square that had magically appeared in the middle of the city. Now I won't have to make that long flight ;)

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    1. re: broncosaurus

      You wouldn't have to anyway, because Berolina Bakery would have it, and I believe they even sell it "in season" at IKEA... but we go to the SWEA fair every year and it's fun, though the food line is impossible. Perhaps the Shrine will be better -- in years past it has been at the H'wood Palladium on Sunset.

      1. re: Das Ubergeek

        IKEA glogg is NOT the same as what they sell at SWEA---trust me. The SWEA stuff is 10 times better and no, thats not just because it has booze in it.

        1. re: jenn

          Probably because theirs is homemade and not from a bottle like the one at Ikea! Also, I have a great recipe for it (easy, too) if anyone is interested. I have to remember to get it and I will post it on the Home Cooking Board.

          1. re: WildSwede

            post please!!!

            we have a Swedish Christmas eve and I'm always happy to try another glogg recipe.

            1. re: jenn

              Okay! I have to sniff it out and I will let you know when I post it on the home cooking board! ;-)

    2. On a much smaller scale, SWEA of Orange County - Sunday Nov. 25 - Swedish Christmas Fair. $5 admission, kids 5 - 15 - $2. Costa Mesa Neighborhood Community Center 1845 Park Ave. Costa Mesa (about 5 minutes south of the 405 - Harbor exit south, right at 19th, left at Park Ave.). "Swedish handicrafts, Glogg bar, food, home baked goods, Dancing round the Christmas tree, Lucia Pageant 12:30 & 2, Jultomte at 3, folkdancers" - have not been there before but picked up a flier at the library (close by) today. Has anyone else been to this one? Sponsored by the OC SWEA chapter. Sounds like lots of fun for families with little ones.

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        1. re: Das Ubergeek

          In preparation for a trip to Sweden in June, we ventured out the 101 to the Swedish festival at the Lutheran University. How does this org's festival compare to that?

          1. re: MaryT

            This one is a Christmas festival, the Cal Lutheran one is not (and they have since added the Balkan Region so it is no longer a "scandinavian" scandinavian festival). The SWEA festival is all things Swedish and has many of the customary Swedish traditions and foods that are served at Christmastime in Sweden - along with the Lucia train and crowning and folkdancing.

            1. re: MaryT

              The SVEA festival is awesome and definitely something I will miss this year, now that we've moved.

              Foodwise, there is the classic glogg which is tasty plus meatballs, hot dogs, coffe pastry, etc. There is also lots of special baked goods to buy that can be hard to find in LA. In addition to every conceivable thing you might want for your house for a scandinavian/swedish Christmas, there are lots of Lucia processions and tons of gifts that can be hard to find like Swedish language music, videos, books etc. For kids there is a booth or area for making traditional Christmas decorations etc.

              Interesting to hear that they've moved yet again. The first year I hit the festival it was at Sony in Culver City, the next time in the Water Garden in Santa Monica.

              sniffle, sniffle, I miss SVEA.........................

              1. re: jenn

                Well so I sent better half a link and he sent to some coworkers currently here from their Sweden location; looks like we'll be joining them for the day . . . looking forward to it!

                1. re: jenn

                  For the last few years it's been at the Palladium, this year at the Shrine which should make moving about easier (it's very popular).

                  Just be prepared to wait on line for your food.

            2. re: Joani Macaroni

              THANKS! We would have totally missed it if you didn't post...we won't be able to make it up to the one in LA, so it was nice to do this one instead.

              We picked up some limpa bread for grandpa & my son's first dalarna horse. I'm not sure if the limpa is quite the same as what we used to get from that deli over in LA, but it was pretty darn good. If anyone has recommendations on where to get fresh limpa bread in OC, I'd love to know!

              1. re: empfam

                Glad to be of help - I'm sure your little one loved it! There are several bakeries called "The Great Dane" that would probably have some limpa. Call first and find out (if and what days) for sure. There is one location in the Los Alamitos/Cypress area (on Los Alamitos Blvd. south of Katella). I think there's another location (or there was) in Huntington Beach (across the street from Sam's Club, I think it's the one on Warner - there's also a Fireplace/Patio store in the same center as the Bakery). There may be a location closer to you, but these are the two I know of. There's also Old World Deli on Harbor west of the 405 and down a couple of miles - they might have it or might order it for you. (Call first). That is also the ONLY place I have found Arrak flavoring (other than ordering over the Internet and paying for shipping) which is what you need for authentic Swedish Arrakboller cookies. There's also the Russian Deli on Harbor (also west of the 405, but on the north side of the street, just a couple of blocks down from the 405) and they have a few breads but some were frozen, so that would be my last possibility (but a great deli though, and lots of interesting things to look at). They had lots of fresh Russian specialty cakes, and fresh Stollen. I'm sure they'll have other specialties for the holiday season. On a personal note, I just put out my Swedish wreath, straw reindeer and hung my straw ornaments. My blue Dalarna horse is guarding my china cabinet . . .

            3. Hi,
              I just accidentally found your site. I am a member of SWEA and I am one of the members who put together everything for the Fair. Thank you very much for posting the information on this website!! After being at the Hollywood Palladium for 10 years we had to find a new location, and the Shrine worked very well. More visitors than previous years and a bigger place. The Fair was a great success.
              Did you go to the Fair? If so, please let me know about your experience.

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              1. re: anitafink

                Unfortunately, I did not get the chance to go, but my mom served the last shift in the Kaffestugan and she said it was very busy but very nice.

              2. Unfortunately, the information above is outdated but we are happy to announce that this year's SWEA Los Angeles Christmas Fair, now at a new location, Los Angeles Theatre downtown LA, will take place on December 7, 2014, between 10 am - 5 pm.

                Enjoy some Pre-Christmas fun for all with decorated exhibits, food, arts and crafts, traditional music, dancing, and activities for children as well as visits from both St. Lucia and the Swedish Santa Claus or "Jultomten" at SWEA Los Angeles (Swedish Women’s Educational Association) Christmas Fair at
                Los Angeles Theatre, 615 S Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90014

                Adults: $10. Children under 12 free.

                For more information, visit