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Nov 20, 2007 07:27 AM

Kaffir Lime leaves in Atlanta?

Anyone know where I can buy fresh Kaffir Lime leaves in Atlanta?

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  1. Dekalb farmers market would be worth a shot.

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    1. re: laurendlewis

      I'd try one of the Asian mkts first. I'm reasonably certain I've seen them lately at the Atlanta Farmer's Market (former Hong Kong Supermarket) in Fiesta Plaza at Buford Hwy and Clairmont. They'd be in the open-top coolers toward the back of the store in the produce section- on a styrofoam tray w/ plastic wrap over. But Buford Highway Farmer's Mkt, Ranch 99, or Hoa Binh (last resort) would be worth checking, too.

      There used to be a small mkt at N Decatur and E Ponce that was all Thai- that's where I used to depend on for galanga and kaffir lime leaves. But it's long since defunct.

      1. re: charlottecooks

        Is there any food at all that you cannot find at Your Dekalb Famer's Market?
        I live 65 miles away but love to stop by and load up when I have the opportunity.
        (I'm also glad that Trader Joe's has opened in and around Atlanta)

      2. Believe it or not I saw them at Whole Foods on Ponce de Leon in midtown Atlanta.

        1. They have them in the freezer at the Asian market that's on the left about a 1/2 mile before the Dekalb Farmers Market. Not sure if they have fresh or not.

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          1. re: dinner belle

            dinner belle is 100% correct. I've been all over Buford Hwy looking for KLL, One woman told me that nobody would have them. After the Farmer's Market- I went to the spot DB described- it's called "First Oriental Market", and the had them in the freezer.

            1. re: cheesemonger

              I've seen them in the produce section at both the Atlanta Farmer's Mkt and Bu Hi Farmer's Mkt within the last couple of weeks as described above.

              1. re: ted

                I just saw lots of them at the Buford Hwy. Farmer's Market, just north of 285.

                1. re: cheesemonger

                  Whew. It's nice to have confirmation just once this week that I'm not crazy (it's been one of *those* weeks).

          2. The original comment has been removed