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Nov 20, 2007 06:39 AM

Lunch with 90 yr old grandma...G&G's?

I'm taking my 90 year old grandmother for lunch on Wednesday with my fiance. I want to go to an "old school" place, particularly because my grandmother loves shrimp dejonge. Has anyone been to Gene and Georgetti's for lunch? I know they are known for their charred steaks (having browsed all the chow posts already).

But they have a very limited steak offering on their lunch menu. Has anyone had their pastas (I saw mostaccioli on the menu!!! I hadn't heard that in so long! Having lived in new york and LA for the past 10 years, I realized this must be a local chicago pasta).

So what's good at G&G's for lunch. Stick to the meant? Go for the pasta? Any stand out deserts?

Another option I scouted out was Myron and Phil's in Lincolnwood. We are actually staying in Evanston, but driving is not a problem.

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  1. I've only been to Gene and Georgetti's once about six years ago. I liked the non-steak dishes better than the steak, but that may have just been a bad night. I remember the Italian food being pretty good, but VERY old school i.e. nothing fancy...iceberg lettuce salads etc.

    If you search on for "Gene and Georgetti" you get a real feel for the place. There are only 2 pictures of the food, though.

    1. I saw a Check Please episode with Myron and Phil's, and the exact comment by one of the three reviewers was that it was the "perfect place to take my Nana".

      Based on the reviews of that show, and many others from friends of mine over the years, I think it sounds like the right place for you and your grandma, have fun.

      1. Petterino's works very hard at being old school, and they do have shrimp de jonghe on the lunch menu:

        1. Shrimp de Jonge is a specialty at Hugo's Frog Bar. Google "chicago menus" to see their menu.