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Nov 20, 2007 06:29 AM

Hip, Trendy Bar/Restaurant - Suggestions?

My husband and I will be in NYC from Friday, December 28th through Tuesday, January 1st. We are both in our early 30s, and we are staying at The Carlyle. The only dinner plans we have made thus far are Per Se on Saturday, December 29th, which will be our only real splurge for the trip, and Monday, December 31st when we are going to the Marriott Marquis' New Years Eve party.

We are looking for somewhere to go for drinks and maybe a bite to eat for Friday and Sunday nights (and maybe even Saturday night for a drink only after Per Se). I know that we will have a drink at Bemelman's Bar at The Carlyle at some point, but what we are really looking for is the "it" restaurants/bars in New York right now. We aren't looking for a club but more like a lounge/bar - cliched, but think Sex and the City. We like an atmosphere that is hip, trendy and bustling with people our age.

I also love sushi and would love to find a hip, trendy sushi place one night (have already eaten at Nobu in South Beach - is there something different in NYC?) For anyone familiar with South Beach, I love the feel of the restaurant Social at the Sagamore Hotel if that gives you any guidance as to the type of place I like to go.


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  1. In my opinion Highline, Spice Market, Morimoto and La Esquina might have a vibe you'll find reminiscent of Social.

    1. For drinks after Per Se, check out The Lobby Bar at The Mandarin Oriental (same building as Per Se, only 33 floors up). Gorgeous views of central Park in an uber posh environment.

      For a Friday or Sunday meal, definately include Buddakan (Asian fusion) definately fits the bill for "hip, trendy and bustling," AND the food is actually really good. Great location for going out afterwards. Another idea would be The Stanton Social for American small plates...this also puts you in a great nabe for going out afterwards.

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        I second stanton social - for drinks and snacks (or dinner). And with the other places you're hitting, it may actually feel like a bargain!

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            1. I wouldn't eat at the Marriott Marquis, but the view is pretty spectacular. It will probably be all tourists, but festive.

              You could go to Sushi Samba which was in Sex and the City (where Samantha threw a drink in Richard's face.)

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                I agree - I'm definitely not going to the Marriott Marquis for the food. I've always had that every-tourist's-dream of being in Times Square on NYE - haha! Because of the way it's done after 9/11 - being put in the "pens" and not having a bathroom, etc., etc. - I just can't bring myself to stand out there miserable for 8 hours. I figure the next best thing is watching the ball drop from the Marriott Marquis, so it's worth it to me to pay the money for not so great food - it's all about the view for me!

                Is Sushi Samba in NYC the same as the Sushi Samba on Lincoln Road in South Beach or completely separate?

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                  Some trendy drinking places: Aspen (great lounge in Flatiron District); the bar at the new Bowery Hotel and the roof top at the restored Gramercy (sp?) hotel; if you pass the "It" list, go to the Beatrice Inn in the West Village; great, cool eating places, try Tia Pol for tapas and Spanish Wines; also new fave of foodies, Perilla in West Village and Market Table or Little Owl. Have fun and happy new year.

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                    They're outposts of the same restaurant. I think they have one in Chicago too.

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                      Yes, Sushi Samba in SB and in NYC are the same.