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Nov 20, 2007 05:57 AM

How big is it? (Your turkey, that is)

I'd like to see how others plan for weight of the bird vs. number of guests.

My bird will be 10 pounds, feeding 5 people. You?

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  1. fresh turkey from a local farm. I picked it up last night. It weighed in at just under 12 lbs. Serving 3 adults, our one year old daugter, and 2 cats. hoping for/counting on plenty of leftovers.

    1. Mine is 10.65 lbs and will feed four people along with a 5-6 lb ham. We'll have lots of leftovers for me to reinvent!

      1. Locally raised, free range turkey weighing in at 13.9 pounds, to feed 8 people. Also got 3-4# of chicken backs from the farm to make stock for use in the cornbread dressing, to make gravy, and for a wild mushroom-leek soup to have earlier in the day.

        1. My Tom is just over 24lbs. Don't have a final count but guessing around 20. Just made a 12.5lb for the bones, now that I've had my fill of turkey I can't wait to eat all the other good stuff.

          1. 22 pounder every year. 16 people. It pretty much disappears.

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              22lbs, 9ppl, numerous turkey sandwiches, enchiladas and rounds of soup to follow. (A 12lb bird waits in the freezer for January or so - I can't pass up .59 a lb for the brand I prefer.)