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Nov 20, 2007 05:52 AM

Brookline (or thereabouts) sushi

I know there will never be a concensus, and I can do (and did) searches, but things keep changing and it makes my head hurt. Looking for nice sit-down sushi dinner (so Super-fusion is off the list). Was planning on Ginza after long layoff - I am a sucker for their boat - but I read elsewhere that ownership has changed and not for the better. Fugakyo always gets crazy mixed reviews. Could go to Zen320 for its day-old - I mean half-off - sushi, if its still there. Any other suggestions?

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  1. There's a new place, Fin, in Cleveland Circle. I haven't been, but it looks nice. Anyone else eaten there?

    1. My standby is Mr. Sushi. Nothing flashy, but always good, fresh well prepared fish.

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        Second, fully: it is not groundbreaking sushi, but I'm never disappointed.

      2. I am a Jae's Grill kinda isn't strictly sushi but it is consistently good!

        1. Mr. Sushi. It's not great, innovative, interesting or special, but it's straight forward and fresh.

          1. Tsunami in Coolidge is a good option, and I'll second Mr. Sushi.