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Nov 20, 2007 05:50 AM

Red Chopstick

I read somewhere that Red Chopstick in Flushing has pigs blood cake on the menu? I've heard that Red Chopstick is primarily Taiwanese so that gives me hope. Ever since my trip to Taiwan this summer, I've been craving for it but it seems that its impossible to find it in the US. Does anyone know where I might find this heavenly combination of pigs blood + glutinous rice?

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  1. I always wanted to try Red Chopsticks until I read last year that a veteran poster who used to love it returned and was very disappointed.
    Lin's in Elmhurst and New Malaysia both have duck's blood and Lu's on Prince St in Flushing had pig's blood. Gu Shine nearby probably does too.

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      I highly recommend Red Chopsticks for taiwanese food. I've been there many times with friends and family and have always enjoyed the meals I have there. We typically get their set dinner menu -- option of steam flounder or dungenese crab as the main entree. For $35 for 4pp, you get an cold appetizer, 2 main, a vegetable and soup. Their lamb soup is pretty good. We typically add on fried stinky tofu (THE best I've had in NY) and the oyster omelette which is also very good. I've haven't had the pigs blood and don't recall being on the menu but that's not something i would be looking for.

    2. Are you looking for the dark brown with some white specks sticky rice on a stick that you can roll in thick garlic/soy sauce, then sprinkle with slightly sweet peanut powder and chopped cilantro and some red hot sauce? I think last time in Taiwan it was made with duck blood, but anyway, if so, and keeping my fingers crossed, I had it in Flushing Mall's Temple Street (Miao4 Jie1) food stall. If it's still there (those who know can chime in), when you walk in from the 39th street entrance, go down the ramp, it's on the left hand side, almost to the end.

      I still crave that from time to time. ..Good luck!