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Nov 20, 2007 05:35 AM

Taiwan Toilet Bowl-Shaped Ice Cream Cups

must have cups for your next ice cream social????

maybe they are used in this resto:
anyone been to this resto in taiwan? the food looks good, actually.

what is this obsession in taiwan foodie culture, anyone?

big question: will feature these cups? ;-)

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  1. This topic was explored in the Bunuel film “Phantom of Liberty” in a segment where people sit as a group on toilet seats at a table reading magazines, but in order to eat dinner, sneak off shamefacedly, individually, down the hall to a small closed cabinet of a room.

    Aa for the Taiwan restaurant, what I found really revolting in the newsfilm was drinking out of bedpans.

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      mnosyne, yeah, i just couldn't "get it". it is so foul and disgusting a concept! it could be bernadaud porcelain, but that doesn't change the idea!