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Nov 20, 2007 05:04 AM

nice restaurants near radio city music hall

hi everyone,
i'm coming to NY in december and on the last night i'm going to see the christmas spectacular with my lovely girlfriend.
anyway, afterward i'd like to take her out to some place nice to eat to make our last night in the city special. Nothing ridiculously pricey but should still be very good and preferably with a nice view/decor.
does anyone have any suggestions?
i mostly like to eat italian food but i'm happy with anything (chinese, steakhouse etc) as long as its not spicy/indian food.
thanks everybody.

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  1. Where are you coming from? This will help rule out cuisines that are more authentic to your part of the country/world.

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    1. re: LeahBaila

      i'm travelling from england, so anything that's not cups o' tea or fish 'n' chips ;)

        1. re: Spiritchaser

          Second Keen's Steakhouse...
          Would also consider Asiate for a gorgeous view of Central Park from the top of the world...romantic, great service, beautiful atmosphere

          1. re: Spiritchaser

            Insieme is a great call. Great location, solid food and fun. Brasserie Ruhlmann is also a good choice and perfect location, may be a bit pricey but worth it.

      1. I used to work right above Radio City.

        Bobby Flay's place Bar American is right around the corner I believe on 52nd or 53rd in between 6th and 7th. There really isn't a view but it's a nice place. It's big and gets a little crowded. The food is probably a bit overpriced but it is midtown.

        Here's some more

        Le Bernardin
        The Modern
        Del Frisco's

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        1. re: hudsonvalleyfoodblog

          What about the Sea Grill downstairs in Rock Center? The tree is up next week and there should be ice skaters whirling about. That would be lovely.

          1. re: brendastarlet

            How's the food there? I've never expect much but didn't try it myself.

            1. re: hudsonvalleyfoodblog

              I haven't been there in awhile so I defer to other hounds with more recent experiences. I thought I read that the chef had changed. I planned a few group dinners for clients at the Sea Grill. It's a bit touristy but the out of towners liked it. Food was delicious and service was excellent. The view of the rink is a plus.

              1. re: financialdistrictresident

                Yeah, I always thought of it as a tourist place as well. Like you said the view is very good so you really can't beat it. I think I never considered it because I worked right in that building.

              2. re: hudsonvalleyfoodblog

                I was there because we had a gift certificate (from credit card points). I thought it was quite mediocre, especially for the high prices. I would nominate DB Bistro on 44th between 5th and 6th.

            2. re: hudsonvalleyfoodblog

              i'll second the bar americain rec. you can drop more $'s than you want to if not careful, tho.

            3. Fresco by scotto 40 East 52nd St.
              Tel.: 212.754 2700 - Reservations a must, mostly on w-ends.
              Tuscan food, slightly spiced (nothing really hot) -
              Penne gratin and Fettucine with lobster are absolutely delicious. The crab cakes not so much. We did not have any room left for dessert, though they looked very tempting. Mains around $28-30.

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              1. re: lamaranthe

                thanks everybody. i'll print off all these suggestions, take them with me and check these places out when i get there.

                1. re: dvdgrdnr

                  Let us know where you went and what you thought ! Have fun!

                1. re: intrepid

                  skip piano due I cannot understand the high rating

                  Piano Due
                  151 West 51st Street, New York, NY 10019

                  1. re: marmiton

                    Any special reason you're bumping a 2 year old thread? The OP is long gone from these shores.

                    1. re: small h

                      Cause it's Christmas and many have similar agenda this time of year.

                      1. re: UES Mayor

                        There are two active threads from 2009 on this subject.


                        Mine is a fair question to a first time poster who resurrects a conversation just to say something negative.

                2. The original comment has been removed