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Nov 20, 2007 04:47 AM

Philly Chinatown banquet room?

Can anyone recommend a banquet room or restaurant that will seat about 45 people at same time in Chinatown or nearby? Ideally we'd like an inexpensive, authentic meal. Thanks!

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  1. I would check out Ocean City Restaurant, 234-236 N. 9th St. A Chinese friend of mine had her wedding reception there last summer and the food and service were very good, IMO.

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      I was at Ocean City for a large party last year, and I really disliked the food and the service. Maybe they were having a bad day, but I wouldn't go back.

    2. Vietnam has private rooms. Not sure what the capacity is, but the food is great, plentiful and inexpensive.

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        oooh if vietnam could accommodate (and i don't know for sure if they can, either) it gets a hearty second from me! i recently discovered some noodle dishes here and at their neighbor across the way, vietnam palace, and all of a sudden i can't get enough vietnamese food!

        i went to a place, HK golden phoenix (i think that was the name of it) and while it seemed as big as a warehouse, i wasn't all too thrilled with the food.

      2. Lee How Fook has a room in the back with several large round tables with "lazy susans" in the middle for sharing dishes. We have gone there several times with large groups. I believe Sang Kee could also accomodate you, depending on day and time. Both are very good and fairly inexpensive. Vietnam could probably accomodate you upstairs.