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Nov 20, 2007 03:55 AM

Another Memphis Report - BBQ and Pimento Cheese

Quick weekend in Memphis - managed to hit Payne's (there is nothing better) where I did a side by side chopped and sliced sandwich comparison - I prefer the chopped, but the sliced was really good, the difference is mainly in the "mouthfeel" of biting through the thick slices, which does provide a very different experience. Also picked up ribs from Central, both dry and wet, both very good. The dry weren't quite "dry" enough for my tastes - seemed like not quite wet enough wet vs. the kind with the dry seasoning evident on top. Lots of pics at

Also hit Miss Cordelia's market down on Mud Island, really nice little market/cafe, and had an enjoyable "bourbon pimento cheese" on toasted wheat. A nice stop if you're down there enjoying the beautiful stroll along the Mississippi river.

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