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Nov 20, 2007 03:25 AM

Catering a Bris in Lower Westchester

I'm due in about a month and I may be having a boy (given it's a 50/50 shot) :) My husband and I are being surprised, but want to be prepared. It doesn't have to be Kosher, I just am not sure where to go. I looked at the Standing Room Only website and it looks a little more "fine" that what I had in mind. Where is a good place to have some wraps and salads and maybe some bagels and lox catered? Does SRO offer that? It didn't look like it on the site. Also I saw people mention Lulu's for cakes...where are they located? I"m not locked into the menu, so Any help and suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks!

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  1. there is a small place in larchmont called the east ave. cafe. the lady does a great job with platters and salads and the like. she did platters for my nephew's bris, and everyone kept commenting about how great the stuff was. who knew?? anyway, its right off palmer ave. on east. good luck!!!

    1. There is a great smoked fish place in Mamaroneck - is called La Maree but now called Portier Fine Foods - I think they fairly recently changed names. They do great smoked fish platters - you'd have to get the bagels and accoutrements separately. I had the fish at a Yom Kippur break fast meal about two years ago - it was excellent quality.

      1. I posted this report from my son's first birthday party. SRO is very accommodating and easy to work with. They do bagels/lox too.

        Lulu's is on Garth Road near the train station. I'm hooked.

        1. We used Standing Room Only for our daughter's babynaming. They couldn't be nicer and were so accomodating. We did a combination of salads and wraps/sandwiches. Their presentation is beautiful and everything was great. They also do lox and bagels, though we didn't do it. Both Standing Room Only and Lulu's are in Scarsdale.

          1. Barney Greengrass on the upper west side will deliver up here. You won't regret it. Or the Hartsdale Cheesery

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              Stu, went into the Harsdale Cheesery for the first time a few weeks ago to buy some cheees. I was not impressed by the store itself, thought the prepared foods looked old and tired and the prices were exhorbitant - $7 for a small bag of cheese twist crackers?! We also weren't wowed by the limited selection of cheeses and the high prices on those too. The smoked fishes also didn't look as fresh as they should.

              Now, that said the quality of two of the three cheeses we did get were exceptional - an aged gouda and an aged goat. The brie was fine but not anything you can't get elsewhere for less. I won't stop running down to Fairway when but for every now and then I will go back in.

              Not feeling it on the fish though. I think La Maree/Portier probably has better.

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                Turcos always made wonderful platters and Morton Williams has great appy so why not try them. I's check out Stew Leonards too.

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                  Went back this past Saturday. I hear you on the crackers etc. but this is a classic APPETIZING place. They used to be all over the NY area. Growing up in Brooklyn there were a few to choose from in my neighborhood alone. They along with most all of the others no longer exist. You go there for the FISH. three different kinds of lox that are hand sliced by people who know how. Plus whitefish, Sable, etc. The blintzes are first rate too. If somebody can tell me of another shop that is akin to this in Westchester, please pass it along.Barney Greengrass is a temple to this type of food but is in NYC. I live near La Maree and gladly make the 20 minute drive to Hartsdale.

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                    I'll have to take your word for now Stu as I didn't pick up any fish from Hartsdale Cheesery and only had La Maree at someone's home - didn't buy the stuff myself.

                    I too grew up eating food my family bought from classic appetizing places such as Blue Ribbon in Brooklyn so am pretty particular. I didn't try the fishes at hartsdale cheesery but they just didn't look moist and fresh to me. Ditto the prepared foods on the other side of the counter near the back wall.

                    It's good to know about the blintzes - not too many sources for that around. I didn't check the prices on the smoked fish but am guessing that Fairway's are better and since I love several of Fairway's smoked salmons - hand sliced very professionally, I'm sticking with them when I can get there. Perhaps we'll give a try to the cheesery next time we need some local nova.