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Nov 20, 2007 01:15 AM

Dishwasher makes glasses cloudy.... help [Moved from Not About Food board]

I used to use "glass magic" but it is no longer at local stores. it is wonderful to keep glasses sparkling clear. i use good detergent (typically powder cascade) and the rinse-aid in the dispenser. i have tried using water pre-heat, too. still....glasses are cloudy.

calgon powder did not work, as suggested by the "glass magic" people. i can buy it online, but wondered if there is a (cheaper) remedy?

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  1. Have you tried vinegar instead of a rinsing agent? I haven't tried this, myself, but I keep reading about it. Supposedly, it eliminates water spots, but I'm not sure if it does anything for cloudiness.

    Me, I don't use any rinsing agent, and I'm starting to notice cloudiness, alas.


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      Jet Dry and similar products are rinsing agents that cause water to sheet off the glass. If your glasses are coming out with water spots that can be polished away, these products will help.

      But if your glasses are actually becoming cloudy, and it doesn't easily rub off, these glasses have been etched and won't ever be clear again. This is usually caused by your detergent. Some brands are notorious for causing this. Electrosol ruined all of our glassware some years ago. (I've no idea if current Electrosol formulations have this problem.) Cascade has never etched any glassware in our experience.

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        i must repeat, glass magic cleared cloudy glasses. this is a fact. all cloudy glasses are not etched,,,,

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          AND, some glassware etches more easily/sooner than others. Threw away all my Spieglaus because they etched so fast, though initially I'd been a fan of them for the price over Riedel. Riedel resists etching much longer.

    2. do you know if your water is hard? sounds like you have some solids in the water that are drying on the glasses. You may need a water softener to remove some of these metals.

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        jfood, hence the calgon water softener. but that did not work. honestly, i may have to bite the bullet and order a case of this "glass magic dishwasher performance booster" from mfgr. Reckitt Benckiser. (oh no! their website doesn't list it anymore, ach!)

        look at the reviews on amazon...where it sells for $4 per box.

        the reviews are spot on (ha!): it works wonders
        (even clears existing cloudiness!!!!


        holy moly, they carry it at ace hardware (i used to get it at wally-mart):
        8 pack for around $32 on the net, but i will check locally. i notice ace offers free shipping to my closest ace hardware store. that saves at least $10.

        each box probably does at least 10 loads.
        i plan to stock up if i find it......seriously stock up (like, cases) -- in the event the manufacturer has stopped making it.

        AnneInMpls: you will love alkapal for this rec! ;-D
        you will be able to see your wine sparkle again.

        1. re: alkapal

          did not know you were referring to "Calgon Water Softener" as jfood has never purchased nor used. But he googled to see what the effect would be and he could not find any reference to using in your DW. In fact the only reference was that you should not use calgon in a dw.

          Jfood was referring to a whole house softener that resides in the basement and uses salts to reduce the metals in the water for the whole house. If you do have hard water you will notice its effects on your clothes and possibly anyone who has light colored hair.

          glad you found another option.

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          1. re: jfood

            i assumed (and we know what that means) the chemistry was similar between the calgon and my beloved glass magic -- as the person recommending it was with the mfgr. of glass magic (when she learned i couldn't get it locally anymore...)

            1. re: alkapal

              Calgon used to make a dishwasher water softener. They're not a US product anymore so who knows what they're making now. But you used to be able to get water softener for dishwashers in the same aisle as the dishwasher detergent and the Jet Dry.

          2. re: alkapal

            Yep, that stuff is great. I just bought some a few weeks ago and it's clearing up the cloudiness on some of my glasses that's been there for years.

        2. Once glassware becomes "etched", there's no way to restore it to its pristine, clear condition. All you can do is keep it from getting worse. High-temperature washes can actually cause this etching.

          Do a Google search for "cloudy glassware" for more information. Here's one of the sites that will pop up:

          1. are you absolutely sure that your glasses are dishwasher safe? i was thinking of the same effect mentioned by mystic cobra, above, where glasses are damaged by the high heat of the machine. often, glasses are not marked "dishwasher safe" for that reason.

            1. as i said, "glass magic" clears cloudy glasses. it has done it for me! cloudiness is not necessarily caused by etching....