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Nov 19, 2007 07:56 PM

Dressing to dine in Chicago...

My husband and I will be celebrating our anniversary in Chicago and were thinking of either Tru or Everest...based on the skills of the chefs, the atmosphere and quality of presentation. My question is about about our (well, really My) presentation. I would like to wear a relatively dressy black cocktail dress that shows (to be quite frank) a lot of cleavage (plunging neckline and thin straps across shoulder). My husband loves this dress...but I am thinking it might be a bit over the top for a dinner out in Chicago and really over the top for dinner out in Chicago in early December.

Any other suggestions for places where black-tie/cocktail attire would be suitable would be greatly appreciated.

Also suggestions for place for an after diner drink would be very helpful.


Mary T

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  1. Mary, your dress doesn't sound at all over the top for either Tru or Everest. You will see people dressed in lots of different ways from cocktail dresses to work suits. If that dress makes you and hubby happy, I say go for it. I would, however have him wear a suit rather than a tux unless he wants to be mistaken for the maitre d' or a musician.

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      Yes, as chicgail notes, there is more flexibility to what is acceptable and common in women's attire than in men's attire. Cocktail dresses (as well as work suits, of course) are common at the best/finest/priciest Chicago-area restaurants (in addition to Everest and Tru, this group includes Alinea, Avenues, Charlie Trotter's, Spiaggia, Moto, Les Nomades, and Carlos). A tux on a gentleman is not common (and will stand out) even at these places, except when a private event or special event is designated as black-tie. Avenues is having a special black-tie dinner on New Year's Eve; you can read about it on their website at I don't know but it's possible that other top restaurants may be having special events that evening also.