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Nov 19, 2007 07:50 PM

cheap but good food on kauai

anyone know where to eat good, local, and inexpensively on kauai? The best food is the cheapest.

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  1. There is a great saimin house -- I think it's called the Saimin House -- that's cheap and really good. They have a shave ice concession on the side when they feel like running it. It's in a downtown, industrial part of town, and it's a lunch counter operation. Sorry I can't remember more, but it's worth asking the locals about.

    1. The saimin place that bards is talking about is called Hamura's Saimin. It is located off of Rice Street, on a side street called Kress Street. This place packs up...
      Right around the corner from hamura's is Barbeque Inn which serves teri burgers, sandwiches and also dinner foods and includes dessert and salad, I think.
      Also on Rice Street is Garden Isle Barbecue and is a Chinese restaurant with tons of options.
      On the West Side you can eat at Toi's Thai for pretty cheap, with salad and dessert included. The restaurant will be closed for reno until 12/10.
      In Wailua there is the wailua family restaurant which offers all you can eat for cheap prices. Up the street in Kapaa is Kountry Kitchen which has really good and filling breakfasts. Joe's on the Green is also inexpensive for breakfast.
      You can also try one of the many fish stands/markets for takeout fish or poke.

      Hope I helped!

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        Had dinner at Toi's Thai last night. Wonderful food: green papaya salad, beef panang, pad thai. All really delicious, especially the panang and salad. Prices higher than on the mainland, but very good value for the price. Would go again.
        Puka Dog (Poipu) is a great value. Delicious dogs in a surround-bun w/ interesting sauces. Great lemonade.
        Lihue Barbeque Inn is another great deal. Had the pork and cabbage -- soooo delicious! Complete dinner: soup, entree, drink, dessert for $13!
        Tip Top restaurant for breakfast. Just okay cheap eats.

      2. Hamura's Saimin...Da Kine bro

        1. Can't beat Sueoka"s take-out window for great burgers and plate lunch. Located on the side of Sueoka's grocery right in Koloa town. Very reasonable!!

          1. Along with Hamura Saimin:
            JoJo's (two locations in Waimea) for great shave ice
            Korean BBQ (actual name of the restaurant) in Kapaa. Good quality bbq meat.
            Mark's Place near the Costco, maybe the best plate lunch in Kauai.
            Lihue BBQ Inn, good seafood choices.