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Nov 19, 2007 07:06 PM

Mimi's Cafe?

A Mimi's Cafe recently opened near us. What's good there, if anything? Thanks!

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  1. I love their salads, but ask for the dressing on the side because they tend to pour far too much on them. Also Mimi's muffins are addictive!

    1. i had their broccoli and cheese soup and a muffin there last time. it was so so good. another girl had their crabcake and loved every bite of it.

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        They have a crab and avacdo omelet that's great........

      2. I like their breakfast food, though a tad high priced. For lunch/dinner I like the corn chowder, but it always needs salt and pepper. I like the carrot loaf as well.

        1. I love their corn chowder - it's super-creamy and has whole corn kernels in it.

          1. We go every once in a while for breakfast. I like the crab omelette mentioned above. I also like that they'll make breakfast(other than waffles) all day long.

            The soup and salad combo is a pretty good option too. And I have to admit that about once every couple months I get a craving for stuffing and mashed potatoes and go have their turkey dinner.

            Certainly not the best place out there but for the type of chain it is definitely one of the better ones.