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Nov 19, 2007 06:51 PM

Westside Business Dining with Foreign Client

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Looking for appropriate fine dining on the westside to entertain a late 30s/early 40s head of a Fortune-100 equivalent company visiting from Asia, for a Friday Dinner. I understand he is a frequent traveler to these parts. My thought is that the venue / ambiance is as important as the quality of food. I am seeking impeccable service & decor, quality food & drinks, and low riff-raff factor. As much as I hate to say it, a dash of pretension may not hurt.

The only places I could think of were Whist, Jer-Ne, Catch & One Pico (I just realized that they are all hotel restaurants, lol). I was also considering traveling a bit more inland to Cut or Uresawa (I've never been nor even know how to spell it, but have heard it is the most expensive place in LA) ...

Because reservation on short notice will undoubtedly be an issue, multiple suggestions are appreciated.

Gratefully yours,

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    1. re: Servorg

      dinner on a friday, nice catch!

    2. My Asian clients enjoy La Botte, Valentino, Melisse, and Abode--all in Santa Monica.

      1. I would add Josie, La Cachette and Vincenti to your list.

        1. If you are willing to drive a little more inland I would try Providence. Seafood is always elegant. Sona has a nice atmosphere and can get pretty pricy. For the Westside, other than those mentioned, there is also Jiraffe in Santa Monica.

          1. Visiting Japanese seem to really love steak places -- the older crop like Lawry's, but if this guy is only early 40's, maybe a hipper place like Cut or Jar.