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Nov 19, 2007 06:42 PM

HELP! Anyone been to BLUE VELVET (downtown) recently??

Just made a reservation for BLUE VELVET cause I'm soooooo curious about the space, the view... and the menu sounds lovely.

Anyone been there RECENTLY?

Are the portions still microscopic?

Decent wines by the glass?

Thanks a million!


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  1. I have been recently.

    I like good spaces and I am an urban explorer so I love finding gems in unlikely neighorhoods. I am a bit biased probably in that regard, but I recommend going if you havent gone.

    The portions are still small-ish, making prices a tad high. Some dishes work well, some dishes don't. The dishes are prepared with care but some are just a tad bit too ambitious for the kitchen to pull off.

    There werent many wines by the glass and I dont know enough about wine to comment on their selection. Their beer menu was fantastic and their cocktails were made by someone who knows how to mix a real drink (ala hungry cat), so maybe their wine is good too.

    There are so many good places to go in Los Angeles that I havent been back, and won't be back for awhile, but I am glad I tried it out.

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    1. re: jlrobe

      Thanks, jl.

      Are there any major hits and misses you would like to bring up?


        1. re: mmmclapclap

          mmm: I hear you on the overpriced part. My main dish really was great though.

          Too bad that BV can't have a wider range of price points reflected on their menu.

          They still seem a bit "out of touch" of the customers who would frequent such a place.

      1. Friends of mine came back with very positive reviews of the food - not wine drinkers though. I will definitely go based on their recommendation of the food quality.

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        1. re: paulfromla

          Thanks, Paul. I kind of panicked, thinking we might walk out of there feeling both hungry-- AND broke!

          1. re: Liquid Sky

            Thought I'd report back here on our recent dinner at Blue Velvet.

            Yes, the space is lovely, and the chef is quite skilled.

            My dish in particular reminded me of some great meals I've had in Montreal -- and that's a HUGE compliment!!

            First, the positives: My squab with foie gras main entree was divine. Decadent. Meat was definitely of very-good quality. Definitely the highlight of the evening. My husband had the wild boar. Pretty good also, though we both liked my dish better. The foie gras and squab just complimented each other so well, and is a great cold-weather dish.

            After hearing several tirades about portion sizes at Blue Velvet, I was more than a bit worried. However, we both left pretty satisfied.

            Our foie gras pate appetizer was decent. Nothing special, though. I kinda wished I had tried the sweetbreads instead since I've never had that before.

            The dessert selection was pretty lackluster, I thought. We had some cinnamon-donut concoction that came with a very-small cup of apple cider. Whimsical, yes. Successful? Not really.

            The service was a bit on the "nervous, but sincere" side. We could tell they were really trying hard to be absolutely professional, which we appreciated.

            The view of the pool was nice, but I certainly would not go there just for the view. You'd do better in many other downtown places.

            The negatives: More interesting mix of desserts would be appreciated. Since they have a certain French flair to the cuisine, why not tackle a mini souffle? Love souffles! Or their own special take on a strawberry shortcake?

            Also would have liked more seafood options, especially lobster!

            For those with large appetites: Definitely skip... or expect to pay a alot!!

            For $160, we each had a glass of sparkling wine, shared 1 appetizer, 2 entrees, 1 coffee and shared 1 dessert (including tip and tax).

            Then we walked home while enjoying the ever-changing landscape of downtown!

            1. re: Liquid Sky

              Great report. I have felt the same about BV

              I love venturing into unkown neighorhoods in LA, and I like keeping my eye on the fairly rapidly changing downtown area. The space is nice and the dishes are inspired, but not all of them come off well.

              I agree about the desserts. Dessert had a lot of savories and creativity, but I would rather let spago, patina, or hatfields blow me away instead of being dissappointed by the EFFORT.

              I am glad you enjoyed your experience.
              My wife and I enjoyed our food but havent returned and probably wont return for awhile (just too many other places to go), but I think it is worth going to at least once.

              And you said you walked home? You must live in city-west or southpark. Good for you! Most Angelenos wouldnt be caught dead walking in beverly hills, let alone pico-union. We are a rare breed.

              1. re: jlrobe

                Nope... 5th & Spring. We're originally from NYC and love to walk!

                1. re: Liquid Sky

                  very cool. I like that area. Both 5th and Spring and NYC.

                  Where do you like to eat downtown? I have my lists, I just want to compare. I hope the new church and state and bridge tavern are great new additions to downtown's food. I have my doubts about tranquility base and mode, but more options are always good in downtown.