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Nov 19, 2007 06:28 PM

24 hour near BWI ??? (for this Tues night/Wed morn)

Hiya Hounds!

Are there any 24 hour restaurants/cafes/diners etc anywhere near the Baltimore airport? Any genre of food is fine, but I do prefer local spots to chains.

Feel free to contact me off list.


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  1. HoneyBee diner on Rte 3. Never been there, but boy does it look interesting. Don't know if it's open 24 hours.

    Double T diner where Rte 2 and Mountain Rd (Rte 177) intersect is a locally owned chain. Greek owners, so in addition to the typical diner menu you can get gyros, greek salads, etc. Typical diner fare. They are definitely open 24 hours.

    Either place is a 10-25 min drive from BWI, depending on traffic.

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      HoneyBee is on RT. 2, not RT 3. It's on the west side of RT 2 (AKA Ritchie Highway), and a few hundred feet north of the intersection with Georgia Avenue NW, IIRC. It's closer than the DoubleT, but less extensive menu. I believe it's also 24/7/365, but perhaps somebody who's a regular can verify.

      From my admittedly limited experience, I'd say the quality level is roughly equivalent between the Honey Bee and the Mountain Road Double T, other than the comparative menu size. The only other difference is that if you're really tired, the Double Ts are usually more brightly lit inside, which might help fend off a tendency to nod off after a long trip.

      I'm assuming you're a traveller, not a local, and if that's the case, you may want to specify the area that you will ultimately end up in. For example, if you're heading to the someplace on the west side of the Baltimore beltway, the Double T on Rt 40 just outside the beltway is further from BWI than the Mountain Road location, but the total BWI-food-sleep mileage might end up being shorter.

    2. Matthew-- The Double T as mentioned above is one of the best diners anywhere, and shouldn't be hard to find... if you need directions write again.

      1. Another thought for somebody familiar with the specific area to confirm or deny. There's a new cluster of development on the west side of 97 at 174. Is there anything in there that might be a candidate? I don't travel 174 much, so my only glimpse of that development work has been the view from 97 as I've driven by. If there is something in there, it might be closer to BWI than either the Honey Bee or the Double T.

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        1. re: Warthog

          Right now, the only things there are a Kohls, Lowes, Chik Fil A, Shoppers, Quiznos, Chevy Chase Bank, Shell Station and a Hair Cuttery. There may be a local place right across 174 from the Shoppers, but I don't think it's open 24 hours.

        2. I absolutely adore the honeybee diner. It is 24/7/365. My parents live somewhat close by, in Severna Park, and my brothers and I go pretty often when we're home over the holidays. One of my brothers prefers Double T, but I'm not as huge of a fan. I find the food and service to be pretty bad. It's not like honeybee is a 5 star diner with amazing food, but I find it to be a lot more charming than the double t.

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            there are two DoubleT's "on Rt. 40 outside the Beltway", one east and one west, both adequate. But if you tell us what day and where you're heading, there are other overnight places, like Blue Moon in Baltimore's Fells Point which is open weekend overnights, and there are some very early opens like Frank's Diner in Jessup for truckers and Jimmy's and Theresa's in Fells Point for the tugboat guys.

          2. Where'd you end up dining, and were you pleased with your choice?

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            1. re: Warthog

              Thanks for the info all! I dined at Honeybee on the way in and Double T on the way back. I didn't care for Honeybee, but I think I just ordered the wrong thing (veal cutlet). The veal was terrible, and the vegetables were pretty bland. Double T I played it safe with a burger and fries and a shake, which were good.