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Nov 19, 2007 06:22 PM

PV restaurant w/ view

Is there any nice place with view for lunch in PV area other than Trump?

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    1. re: Servorg

      But does Admiral Risty have a real view of anything? I've driven by it several times and it seems -- I might be remembering this wrong, of course -- to be inland *just* enough to avoid any view of the ocean.

      On a more related note, the Malaga Cove area (where there was Viva La Pasta and still is Rive Gauche) has a view, but only driving to or from it, I think. Am I wrong? It's been a while since I've ventured into the depths of the PV Peninsula.

      1. re: buttermarblepopcorn

        Admiral Risty does have an ocean view, it's just across the street from the water. Rive Gauche is off an alley way in the Malaga Cove plaza - any view of the water would be hard won. Viva La Pasta was in the very tiny Lunada Bay plaza/mall. Don't believe they are still there, no view if it is. Admiral Risty is not haute cuisine - very American but certainly good enough, with a tasteful if somewhat cheesy nautical theme. Request a window seat.

        1. re: Francesca

          If you go to Admiral Risty, try the fresh Halibut grilled with almonds, it is great

          1. re: Francesca

            ah, hehe, oops, my bad! Thanks for clarifying that, Francesca. Most of my memories of the great peninsular coastline are definitely from driving around there (the Palos Verdes Drive that parallels the coast), not from any eateries. I must say that the one time I ate at that Trump golf course restaurant, on a Sunday afternoon, was a glorious experience, about 95% of which had to do with the spectacular view we got from taking a leisurely post-meal walk around the public course.

      2. Saluzzi. The view is a little blocked unless you sit on the patio. The food actually matches the view. If you eat at night, there is no view because the view is only of the ocean.