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Nov 19, 2007 06:03 PM

how far in advance can one peel chestnuts?

I got some fresh chestnuts for some of my dishes next sat and when I tested them tonight the chestnuts were just such a pain to peel.

How long after I roast and peel them can I keep them until they go bad?

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  1. you can keep them quite a while refrigerated. I'd say go for it.
    Of course, if you lived in SF, I'd also say go buy them roasted in Japan Town and save yourself the trouble.

    1. You can keep them for a couple of days after they've been roasted and peeled. Also, in case it helps, I always find them easier to peel right out of the oven. Cut them with crosses first, then roast, then wait only till you can just handle them. You'll always have a few difficult ones, but I think that they get more difficult as they cool.

      In the pursuit of the no-stress holiday, however, I will usually buy a jar of peeled cooked chestnuts. Expensive, but completely worth it once or twice a year.