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Nov 19, 2007 05:58 PM

Brussel Sprout recipe?

I bought some beautiful fresh guys today ( 2 lbs). I would like to make them for Thanksgiving. Does anyone have a great easy recipe for these? I like them a little brown and carmelized on the outside and moist and juicy inside.

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  1. this one:

    I thought was very good. I tested it out tonight and am going to serve it on the sat after thanksgiving to the whole fam.

    I thought it could use some sweetness so i'm going to add some dried cranberries for the last little bit.

    1. I love them simply sauteed in a browned butter with a bit of salt and pepper...

      1. I like them sauteed in some bacon fat then a little black pepper and lemon juice. then make it again

        1. I love brussel sprouts and have been getting into shaving them on my madoline. The results are really good. I just saute with a little shallot and butter.

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            Here's a keeper: brussels sprouts with white beans and pecorino, got this off Epicurious a few years ago, and make this quite often.. and read the reviews, you'll get a few new options to try..

            go here for the recipe:

          2. You should do a test run of quartering and parsteaming/parboiling them (even the nuke will work just fine), then finishing them in a 425-degree oven coated with olive oil till nice and roasty. I've converted several avowed BS-haters with these. Don't forget plenty of salt.

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              LOL, I hardly have time for the main cooking, let alone a test run...but thank you and I think I am going to try your metohod, sounds very simple and yummy.

              1. re: momof3

                I use a similar method, although if you don't mind them having some tooth left I've taken to skipping the precooking stage. i find they do just fine as long as they're halfed or quartered. I throw in a bunch of smashed garlic cloves too. Just don't skimp on the oil or salt.

              2. re: dmd_kc

                Yes! Roasting them is best. I love them roasted with olive oil, salt, fresh cracked pepper and garlic powder.