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Nov 19, 2007 05:52 PM

Boneyard Bistro Fried Chicken Rocks!

Just got back from the Monday night fried chicken which I learned about from this board. Let me start by saying, YES indeed, some of the best fried chicken I've ever experienced. I went with the half chicken and it was nice n crunchy, spicy, with a delicious side sauce to dip it into. This waiter I'm guessing was the chef walked by saying thats a good batch isn't it? I replied yes and he said I call that chicken for adults, you can taste that kick, which led me to believe he was the cook. Dining here in the past I got to enjoy the wonderful mini corn breads again and the sides with my chicken were amazing. Now I'm not much for cole slaw yet this was so good I ate every last drop, dont let me forget about the potatoe salad, quite tasty. Now to wish they would serve this all the time.

Give it a shot,

Stuart :>)

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  1. is the fried chicken just on mondays every week or just even one monday per month?

    how much does it cost for a half a fried chicken?

    oh, and what else interesting was on the menu? venison dishes, lamb dishes, a cajun stew, etc???? thanks.

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      I had my 1/2 chicken meal and ice water, with tip it was $23.00, they have this every monday now-good stuff!

      1. re: Hypnotic23

        sounds great, i'll have to hit up next monday. anything else new on the menu? oh, and do you happen to notice if they are back on track for lunch???


    2. Stuart - I too was there in the booth for 3, just in front of the birthday party table on the left side. First time for me for Aaron's (the chef/owner) fried chicken, and like you, it will not be my last, or at least not until next Monday!!!
      All 3 of us had it, two with the 1/4 dark, and one for the 1/4 white meat, either of which was $12 I believe, while the half chicken is $17, including a good sized portion of potato salad that was really good, in a slightly mustard-flavored kind of way, plus Aaron's regular cole slaw which is still among the best anywhere, any way - meaning it has some zing and is not mayonaissey. The honey sauce was not my thing that accompanied the chicken, but the zippy sauce that accompanied the appetizer onion rings that are sensational certainly fits perfectly with the chicken. Get it next time, assuming you like spicy flavors. If bland or a plain aioli is your thing, this may not work, however.
      The fried chicken is served every Monday night now, unlike in the past when it was only the 1st monday of the month. The place was packed by 8pm as the word has gotten out. So if you want to go, make a reservation, as several parties were turned away at the door as there were no available tables.
      And as an aside, the new meat supplier is really providing superb ribs that are coming out of the smoker much more moist and the flavor sings all the more for it. Try them next time. The St. Louis and baby backs were wonderful last week when I had them - almost ordered them tonight, but glad I got the chicken to try it out.
      Ah, yes, options, we have options!!

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