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Nov 19, 2007 05:50 PM

Craving Matzah Ball Soup in Monterey Park

Please, Help! I am so desperate for a good Jewish Deli...Does that exist in the San Gabriel Valley?

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  1. Unfortunately no. The Jewish population (or lack thereof) in the SGV isn't big enough to support it. The closest you'll get is Billy's in Glendale, which, in my opinion, is mediocre at best. It certainly is no Brent's or Art's or Langer's.

    You'll have to venture to the San Fernando Valley where you have Brent's (the original Northridge location is MUCH better than the newer location in Westlake Village), Art's in Studio City and surprisingly, Jerry's Matzoh Ball Soup is very good. I don't care for too much else at Jerry's but their Matzoh Ball sure hits the spot.

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      I totally agree with rockhead. The only thing redeeming about Jerry's is their Matzoh Ball Soup. The one and only time I tried Billie's for MBS, it tasted just like Steero Bullion. Feh, never again. I might have to go out to Covina myself to try Danny's. Thanks Jack Flash.

    2. There's one option: Danny's Kosher Pickle in Covina.

      I haven't been to Billy's, so I couldn't tell you which one to visit if they're equidistant, but Danny's is a lot better than it has to be, considering that it's probably the last chance for anything of the kind before Vegas, at the very least.

      It's not Brent's or Langer's, to be sure, but it's better than Jerry's (and probably 1/3 less expensive), and better than Canter's on the latter's bad days. As for Art's (mentioned above), I have NEVER liked it. Ugh.

      Danny's Kosher Pickle Rstrnt
      326 N Azusa Ave, Covina, CA 91722

      1. You are best advised to modify your craving so that a good Salvadoran chicken noodle soup or Mexican albondigas or Asian noodle soup will suffice. I have worked for over 15 years in Monterey Park in a courthouse filled with lawyers and bench officers who love matzah ball soup and it simply isn't around.

        When we're feeling the need, particularly due to sore throat, etc, we find that the Salvador chicken soup at a little shop in the Atlantic Mall (where IHOP is) fills the bill very nicely. I will try to find out the name if you are interested.

        1. Do you like hard or soft matzoh balls? I prefer ones that are chewy in the center and have not found any restaurants that have those.