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Nov 19, 2007 05:44 PM

Corn pudding recipe?

I have made a corn pudding or corn souffle before but I have lost the recipe. My friend has requested corn for Thanksgiving and I think this fits into my southern theme.

I would love to add some smoky ham or proscuitto but my host is vegetarian.
Anyone have a good recipe? Maybe a smoked cheese like gouda would make a good addition. Thanks.

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  1. If you google "corn pudding" you generally find a sweet one and a savory one...If you can get your hands on Ina Gartner's recipe for corn pudding in the cookbook, "Barefoot Contessa Family Style", it really looks delicious, and uses cheddar on top, though I am sure that it would be just as good with a smoked cheese...

    1. The corn chive pudding from epicurious is divine (it's also in the yellow Gourmet cookbook). I make it every year for T-day.

      1. You want Southern? Here you go! I've used this recipe from Chef John Folse of Bittersweet Plantation in Donaldsonville, Louisiana, for Cheese Garlic Grits Souffle and added corn to it. It doesn't puff quite as much as it does without the corn but it sure tastes great. It looks very holiday with a tiny bit of chopped red bell pepper and parsley at Christmas.

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          MakingSense, looking at your recipe, please tell me where i can get me some of those "stoned" ground grits. i'm sure T-day would be better for me.

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            I think you're making a joke. Stone ground grits are the good ones. Not the everyday-in-a-hurry grits from Quaker. Any good grocery store should have it. Last I checked, the DC area was still trying to be the South despite the demographic changes in the past decade or two.

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              yeah, i know grits. but i want the "stoned" ones. ;-) (yes, a joke!)