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New owner of Stand Mixer

Although I haven't actually been able to use mine yet (it is going to be a Christmas gift), I am an excited new own of a Kitchenaid Stand Mixer, and was just wondering what you thought to be the best part of owning one? I, personally, am excited about baking breads!

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  1. The cool attachments... we have the meat grinder, the ice cream maker, the juicer.
    Also, homemade whipped cream!
    Enjoy it!

    1. Love the fact that it can handle a stiff batter like cookie dough...

      1. I have been BEGGING for one for years and Santa has still not deemed me good enough to bring me one. I would be most excited about doing breads, too. I see myself in my dreams making breads in my beautiful stand mixer... now if it would only become a reality!! ;-) Congrats, I am jealous!

        1. I've had mine since about 1975. It's made countless loaves of bread, ground & stuffed miles of sausage & (before the days of food processors) sliced, diced, shredded & grated tons of stuff - but never as well as a food processor does. I think my personal favorite use is for sausage, though. Since 1975 I've had in in the shop once - it needed a $2 gasket or something minor like that. What a workhorse!

          1. Love the ice cream maker. Maybe a little too much... And it's definitely improved my baking abilities...

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              The ice cream maker sounds like a lot of fun... maybe that will be a good purchase sometime down the road..!

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                The sausage grinder and pasta roller are on my Xmas list. :)

            2. Buy the three piece Pasta set, (Roller, Spagetti and Fettucine cutters) skip the ravioli attatchment it is a waste of $$.
              I make Pasta about once a week with it and it is great. You will never go back to the boxed version. I also make a tone of sausage and the meat grinder is great.
              Have fun

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                I've always wanted to make my own pasta, but wasn't sure if that set would be worth it. I'm glad to hear it is. What is wrong with the ravioli attachment?

                I think the meat grinder is the attachment I have heard about the most,which really suprises me! But the more I read about meat grinders, the more intrigued I am to at some point try it out.

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                  The ravioli maker is a "feeder" of you know what I mean. It is almost impossible to get the filling in line with everything and to use a device that is motor driven. It is far easier to skip that and just use the roller to get a nice flat piece and then make your raviolis on your counter. The 3 piece pasta set should run about $125.
                  You can have a lot of fun with it
                  With the meat grinder you can make your own hamburger which is much better than store bought and I make a lot of sausages in the winter. It is time consuming but the result is great and you can freeze them.

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                    Don't bother buying it, Erin (unless you just want to, of course!)... you can borrow mine any time! :-)

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                      Well thanks, Katie! I didn't know you had one!

                2. I love my Kitchenaid Stand Mixer. I bought the 4.5 quart one for $169 at Target, it's on sale at Kohl's for $129 with a mail in rebate. My cookies have come out magical since I bought it. I love it so much, actually kissed it good night the first time I used it.

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                    MrsT - do you find that the 4.5 qt size is enough? Do you wish you got the bigger one? I have been begging for one for years but have still not received it. So, apparently it is up to me to get one. What about those other brands - I cannot remember exactly the names - but they are cheaper. Wonder if they are just as good.

                  2. I love the meat grinder! We can't eat anyone else's hamburgers any more because we are spoiled by fresh ground sirloin and chuck.

                    I also love not having to put my hands into meatloaf to mix it. The paddle attachment does a fine job of that.

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                      I am so in a box. I never thought of using it for anything other than baked goods! I hate making meatloaf for that exact reason. Next time I'm using the good ol' kitchenaid. And I'm getting a meat grinder to make my own ground meat for burgers! Thanks for the ideas! Duh........

                    2. When I first got my new avocado green 4.5 mixer in the mid '70s, I was astonished at how easy it was to make piecrust.

                      1. Being able to make stuff with no hands! Has made bread-making much easier, but a lot of mixing in general has become faster. Not having to tend it as actively while I use it. I burnt out the motor on a food processor making bread dough, once, and I find standing there holding a hand-held electric beaters to be a bit tedious.

                        I don't have any attachments. I don't want the mixer to die and take all the attachments with it. I am a bit of a cynic.

                        1. The dough hook! Some folks find that kneading dough is theraputic. I'd rather let the machine do the heavy lifting. French bread, fresh pasta, you name it: the dough hook on my KA gets those gluten strands stretched out.

                          On the fresh pasta note, some folks (myself included) have had problems with the pasta roller attachment. It breaks easily and cannot be repaired. If you can find an old one at a garage sale, go for it; they apparently were made much better in the past. But IMHO you're far better off with a dedicated pasta machine than the current version. Knead the pasta in the stand mixer, but roll it and cut it on the Imperia (or Atlas, or...).

                          1. I am planning to purchase a stand mixer--reviews are mixed, to say the least. Kitchen Aid Pro 600 was recommended by Cooks Magazine in Nov 2005, but other (user) reviews are all over the board. There is apparently a problem with plastic gearbox housing that breaks down and a "proper use" issue--have to let the motor cool down when making bread dough. Any experience with this model, particularly for bread-making or other heavy-duty use?

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                              I may well be wrong but I believe the Pro 600 still has metal gears unlike the smaller models. Whatever the case is I use mine a few times a week for things like bread, gridning meats for sausage making and the like. I have never had a problem with this and would HIGHLY reccomend it.

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                                I have a pro and haven't had any issues with mixing bread or making things like marshmallows, which require high speed for 10 minutes or so.

                                I love mine!

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                                  My husband just bought me one and asked about that. He was told they had switched to plastic, but found problems with it so went back to all metal. Any that you buy now should be fine.

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                                    I bought a Pro 600 on sale last year around this time, and after my purchase, I nearly drove myself crazy reading all of the negative reviews. Fast forward--I've used the thing 2-3 times weekly for a year, and it runs like a charm. It's not quiet, but that's not a concern for me. I've made marshmallows, royal icing, souffles, and more loaves of bread than I can count...not a whimper of a problem in all that time. So here's a positive review to counter all those negative ones!

                                    The only attachment I've purchased is the food grinder; it handles well-trimmed meats like a charm (though it does get clogged by sinew/connective tissue, but all grinders do). An extra bowl would be nice, but I don't have storage space for the thing.

                                    1. re: Hungry Celeste

                                      There is an easy solution to the sinew clogging issue. Chill the meat almost to the point of being frozen, the fat will then grind up easily

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                                        I agree Winer. In over 30 years I've never clogged mine & I always bring the meat to near freezing.

                                      2. re: Hungry Celeste

                                        The most useful review yet. Thanks, Hungry Celeste!

                                    2. The meat grinder is the one I use the most. If they would make a "drop through" meat tenderizer for making chicken fried steak, I would be in heaven.

                                      1. It's all about that dough hook! I've made everything from bread to mashed potatoes in the mixer. I'd say my favorite is definitely breadmaking, followed by making cookies in a flash.