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Nov 19, 2007 05:10 PM

New owner of Stand Mixer

Although I haven't actually been able to use mine yet (it is going to be a Christmas gift), I am an excited new own of a Kitchenaid Stand Mixer, and was just wondering what you thought to be the best part of owning one? I, personally, am excited about baking breads!

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  1. The cool attachments... we have the meat grinder, the ice cream maker, the juicer.
    Also, homemade whipped cream!
    Enjoy it!

    1. Love the fact that it can handle a stiff batter like cookie dough...

      1. I have been BEGGING for one for years and Santa has still not deemed me good enough to bring me one. I would be most excited about doing breads, too. I see myself in my dreams making breads in my beautiful stand mixer... now if it would only become a reality!! ;-) Congrats, I am jealous!

        1. I've had mine since about 1975. It's made countless loaves of bread, ground & stuffed miles of sausage & (before the days of food processors) sliced, diced, shredded & grated tons of stuff - but never as well as a food processor does. I think my personal favorite use is for sausage, though. Since 1975 I've had in in the shop once - it needed a $2 gasket or something minor like that. What a workhorse!

          1. Love the ice cream maker. Maybe a little too much... And it's definitely improved my baking abilities...

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              The ice cream maker sounds like a lot of fun... maybe that will be a good purchase sometime down the road..!

              1. re: Erinmck

                The sausage grinder and pasta roller are on my Xmas list. :)