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Nov 19, 2007 04:49 PM

Vegas Mexican and BBQ

Going to Vegas mid December. YeeHaa! Has anyone tried the new Mexican joint at the Monte Carlo? I picture it more atmosphere than good food but haven't been there yet. Any input? Also, looks as if BUZZ BBQ might be the place to try out. Any comments through experience on this place. Lived in Texas for some time so I know whats good. Anybody ever been to Buffalo Gap just south of Abilene Tx. Best BBQ brisket around. Simple sliced beef with beans, slaw, raw onion, buttered white bread and a jalapeno pepper to wash everything down. Doesn't get any better than that. I'm not lookin for fancy, just good grub.

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  1. The Salt Lick is Open at the Red Rock Casino. People seem to like the BBQ but hate the sides.

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      Salt Lick's food is medicore at bet. The brisket is dry. They use a strange mustard vinegar sauce that is only good on the sausages. For Mexican, try Viva Mercados. I am in the minority about the Michoican restaraunts. I find the food very bland.

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        There's also a Salt Lick at Santa Fe Station--Hwy 95 at Ann Rd, appx. I agree that their brisket is dry, but I really like the ribs and links (especially the ribs, and I'm not even a rib fan). I don't like the sauce much either, but it's OK when it's cooked into the ribs. They have an all-you-can-eat deal for $17.99 that I thought was a pretty good value. The (included) cornbread and potato salad were fine, I didn't care for the beans, and didn't try the coleslaw. Here's a link to the menu:

        I'm thinking about sneaking in a bottle of Baby Ray's BBQ sauce next time I go.

        And to address the OP, Buzz BBQ is pretty good too. Their brisket is better than Salt Lick's.

    2. I was never a huge fan of Salt Lick when I lived in Austin, but I enjoy the one at Red Rock quite a bit. Perhaps it's the nostalgia talking. Their sausage, ribs and chicken are great; the brisket is okay. I find their sauce outstanding, though I really don't like Memphis or KC-style sticky sweet tomato-based sauces. I don't really judge barbecue places by the sides, but I think some of the comments on Salt Lick's are a bit harsh -- I like their poppyseed vinaigrette cole slaw, the beans are great, and their potato salad is a notch above the Sysco mustard/mayo ones you typically find.

      I think TC's Rib Crib on DI and Durango is about the best I've had in town. Buzz was good, too, though it's so far from me I don't get to it often. I'd avoid CJ's on Sahara, despite it calling itself "Texas barbecue"; I had some really awful, bland, tough, cold food there.

      Lindo Michoacan is as good as it gets for Mexican here IMO, Frank and Fina's is okay too. Have some friends that have said good things about Viva Mercados though I've not been there myself.

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        I agree with the Lindo Michoacan rec (as well as for its "sister" Bonito Michoacan on Decatur at Twain). I also like Diego in the MGM Grand.

      2. I agree with Eric , never been really impressed with the Michoacan restaurants either -- in fact had some pretty bad experiences at the Bonito one. I like Viva Mercado as well but I heard they recently changed ownership so not sure if that has changed things. I really like Diego's but not your typical Mexican fare. I think Casa Don Juans downtown offers some pretty authentic mexican and its pretty consistent. And if your going for atypical and on the strip I still like Border Grill. I was supposed to go to Diablo's at the Monte Carlo for my bday but it rained and we wanted to sit on the patio so I haven't gotten to it yet but it seems pretty chainey menu wise...I hear its a fun time though.

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        1. re: Justjenn

          Thanks for everybodys input. anybody else - keep em comming. Usually do only half the things i want to do when i get in town. Check with for my comments on what we had time to try. thanks again and anything else worth trying ( no big buck places ) let me know. i don't mind spending money on food but i'm not into squid or rabbit and crap like that. atmosphere is great but it's only worth so much. THANKS AGAIN

        2. Diablo's at Monte Carlo is a Brian Massie creation and his track record is actually pretty good with FIX, STACK, etc. I haven't tried Diablo's yet but his record would suggest a decent, party vibe type of place that might be stronger on the cantina side than the restaurant side but still very good overall. Please let us know if this is not correct when you try it.

          I agree with those who don't like the Salt Lick very much. Their side dishes are really bad and only their sausage can be recommended. It is pretty good for that however.

          TC's can be vouched for but I haven't tried Buzz's yet.

          I don't think that Mexican can be recommended here in Vegas especially if you prefer Tex-Mex or New Mexico style cooking. I haven't found one Mexican place that I really liked including Viva Mercados and the Michoacans. When I want a huge serving of nachos for football watching, the carne asada nachos at Roberto's are a great bargain.

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            Heard allot about the BBQ at Ellis Island. Any Comments??

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              Not familiar with that. I was going to mention Memphis Championship near the airport. I have no experience, but noticed it driving from the rent cars.

              As for Mex, I'm a Michoacan fan. Huge menu, yummy stuff.

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                I also heard a lot of good things about the BBQ at Ellis Island Casino. I am from Dallas and have had my share of great BBQ. I went there in April of this year. I got to the door 5 minutes after they opened. The line was only 4 or 5 people deep. I figured, Cool! No such luck. When we got up to the hostess we were told that the wait was 3 HOURS!!! We were starving and had to leave. The place smelled incredible!!! FYI – Pork Ribs and Chicken only. No Brisket.

                1. re: Foodandwine

                  Ellis Island.....good barbeque, especially the ribs. And, it's a great value. They have great beers on tap too. The wait is long, but there are a ton of video poker machines, so the time went quickly for us :)

              2. Lindo Michoachan - is so freakin good ! Get the Guac!