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Nov 19, 2007 04:41 PM

Oregon Grille Recommendations

Hey Chowhounders,

This'll be my first post (just registered) but I've been using these boards for awhile. You all helped me pick out a few places for dinner for my recent college graduation (down in NC), you guided me through where and what to eat during the past baltimore restaurant week. You helped me decide if I should brave Sofi's Crepes (absolutely should... it was fantastic) So for all that, thanks.

But I'm here asking for your help in person (mostly because I couldn't find too much info through searching). I'm taking my parents and some cousins to the Oregon Grille wednesday night. Ignoring for a moment on how devasting this is going to be on my poor near-depleted bank account, I'm looking for some suggestions on what dishes you all might recommend for us to order. I'm usually just told "it's all great", but I'm hoping to get some more personal experienced info. So I'm looking for suggestions for everything. Specifically:

What appetizers would you recommend?
How is the shrimp bisque?
What the hell is a Lobster Martini?
Are we pro- or anti- Caviar?

Favorite steaks?
Most creative/modern/daring dish?
Best fish dish (a couple of non-meat eaters in our party)?

Favorite Side-dishes?
Favorite desserts?

And of course, whatever else you can throw at me. Here's a link to their menu for those who might want/need a reminder of what they had before to see what might have changed since then: As expected, I'll be posting after the dinner to tell you guys how my experience went (I know a number of you haven't had the best of times before).

Thanks in advance.

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  1. I've had the pan fried oysters appetizer and it was excellent. I also had the steak au poive (sp?) and it too was excellent.

    I believe the lobster martini is lobster chunks in a vodka sauce served in a martini glass. If the caviar doesn't sound too expensive (I have no idea what would or wouldn't sound expensive to you) I would get it. While I've never enjoyed the service my few times at Oregon Grille, the food has always been very good.


    1. I guess this is too late ( hope you enjoyed it ! ) I was just at Oregon Grille last Sat. for my Mom's 85th birthday. I found the service to be OUTSTANDING...extremely friendly waitress, but not pretentious or stuffy like I would expect at a restaurant of this caliber. I had the prime rib and it was really PRIME....extremely tender and full of flavor, Everyone I was with loved their meals there....Highly reccomended !!!!!!

      1. A bit late, but I thought I'd still share.

        The overall experience was pretty fantastic. I didn't have a chance to sample what everyone had, but the things I did try were for the most part singing. Here's a run down.

        We were seated at a table fairly close to the piano player. I worried about this at first, but the music was gratefully gentle not to mention quite soothing. Our waiter was excellent, not pretentious in the least. He was young, fairly charming, patient and very helpful (I don't remember his name). He recommended a wonderful bottle of wine (spann mojo blend) as well. I can, however, understand why some people cite terrible service. I was witness to a table for two very close to us, who had a large, a bit older, gentleman waiter. The man plainly refused to allow the couple to see the 'full wine menu' stating there was no such thing even though the couple had clearly seen me looking at it only five minutes beforehand. They were pointing at me in frustration (which was a bit embarrassing in itself) as their waiter continued to say that there was no such thing and that he could "list off EVERY WINE that they had to them from his head". It was preposterous and quite belittling; I honestly felt bad for them and relieved that we didn't get that waiter.

        Now of course, food.

        Of note first: The online menu which I linked above is not the current menu anymore. A few entrees have been changed (most notably and disappointingly for my cousin being the Chilean sea bass is no longer on the menu).

        We started off with some appetizers. They had a wild mushroom bisque (a special of the day) which was surprisingly full of flavor. It was unfortunately a tad oversalted. I'm told that the shrimp bisque (which I didn't try) was about the same: good not great. We ordered the clams casino, the salmon, and KOK's recommendation of the pan fried oysters. Thank's for that rec, too, because they were wonderful. The combination of flavors of the fried oyster, the sausage, and the horseradishy sauce was great. Unfortunately, the clams casino (a rec from a personal friend) fell a bit flat to the oysters. They were overwhelmed with the bacon (and I love bacon) and generally just felt unimpressive, like I've tasted the same in buffets. The salmon was good, but unfortunately not memorable in either way. I did enjoy their crackers which came with an olive tapenade and salmon mousse - very scrumptious. Finally, the bread was just bread. Fresh, but nothing to write home about.

        Main course. I ordered the Steak au Poivre. LOVED it. You have to know what you're getting into though; that sucker is just full of fresh pepper flavor. But it was tender, done perfectly to my expectations (medium rare) and the portion was enormous and I was glad for that when I found that the market price tag came out to be $50 for that dish. The fried onion strings that came with the dish were subpar though. Luckily I was too full to want to eat them by the end of the meal. A lamb shank (another special of the night) was ordered and it was superb. Another "know what your getting into dish", it was full of lamb flavor, tender, and masterfully cooked. The mashed potatoes that came with it were perfect. And I mean quite perfect. Even better than the mashed potatoes I recall having the one time I went to the prime rib (and I raved about those then too). I tried a taste of the prime rib and have to agree with MDicecreamguy (awesome name btw) - it was so tender. The only disappointment was the medallions of beef. While prepared extremely well, the flavors on both the meat and mushrooms were distinctly lacking. Too bad, too.

        Dessert. Holy crap. There are no better words to describe their key lime pie. It's like a little slice of nirvana. Absolute heaven. There was a chocolate cake (or cake-like-thing) down on the other side of the table, but I was pretty sure that if I had one more bite of anything I would have sent my digestive tract over the precipice so I refrained.

        Overall, very little complaints here. Everyone left extremely satisfied. I have to say that although we're meant to focus on the food, this dinner could have been ruined by bad service. I'm thankful it wasn't.

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          Thanks, an excellent report back.