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Nov 19, 2007 04:18 PM

regional fare from Indiana to Kansas City

I'll be heading to KC from northwest Indiana for new year's eve and coming back a few days later. I'm planning on BBQ in Kansas City, pizza in STL, and a horseshoe in Springfield, as well as some other regional stuff. Suggestions?

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  1. Skip the pizza in St. Louis and drive two more hours to Columbia and have pizza at Shakespeares (two locations).

    1. Regional...Spedini and Tenderloin Sandwiches. I'm sure someone on here can point you to the best in the area. We've been here a few years and those are 2 that I had never heard of.

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        Chicken Spedini--Garozzo's in KC (several locations)

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            According to the menu on Garozzo's website, chicken spiedini (their spelling) consists of "chicken breasts marinated in Amogio, rolled in Modiga Italian bread crumbs, skewered, and charbroiled". They serve it in half a dozen variations, depending on what sauce you want with it.

        1. St. Louis pizza seems to be loved only by St. Louisans, so a better suggestion would be to go to
          "the hill" ( an Italian neighborhood with over twenty excellent Italian restaurants) and have some wonderful Italian food at a local legend called Cunnetto. It is on Southwest Avenue. No reservations, but top notch italian including the house salad, the the many pastas and things such as toasted ravioli, steak mudega, chicken marsala. Great quality. Great prices. Enjoy. Then it's not far to Ted Drewe's frozen custard on Watson. Great home made custard and a real scene. Dave M St. Louis

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            Cunneto's is also loved only by St. Louisans.

            If you find yourself on the hill looking for Italian, go to Lorenzo's.

            Lorenzo's Trattoria
            1933 Edwards St, Saint Louis, MO 63110

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              I recently tried St. Louis style for the first time. Definitely not my favorite, but I am glad that I tried it. When in Rome do as the Romans do and when in St. Louie you might as well try the pizza.