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Nov 19, 2007 04:08 PM

Bagels in Ann Arbor or West Bloomfield Area

Hi All,

Will be back in MI for the Holiday later this week and would LOVE to track down a good bagel. We are sadly lacking that in San Diego where I now lay my head. I will be staying in the Ann Arbor area most of the time, but will also be spending a day in West Bloomfield. Any suggestions? Please no chains as I find their bagels too big, too soft and completely lacking in taste.

To help narrow things down, my ideal bagel is reminiscent of what the Detroit Bagel Co. used to sell when I was a kid growing up in Farmington Hills. The bagels were on the smaller side, crusty on the outside and soft on the inside. I still remember buying a dozen warm bagels with my mom at the bagel factory next to KMart on Orchard Lake road. The smell was so amazing, I could never wait until we were home before I had already eaten my first plain or egg bagel. Sadly since that place closed and I moved West, I have not been able to find a great bagel to remind me of my youth.

Yes, I admit that I am high maintenance when it comes to bagels. I lived in Boston for 3 years and never found a satisfactory bagel there either. :)

Any suggestions would be most helpful.

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  1. Last I knew there was a Detroit Bagel Co. on Woodward between 13 & 14 Mile in Birmingham. Just a little farther than West Bloomfield, but might be worth it if you really wanted them. I think there is also one at Woodward and Square Lake Rd.

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      I couldn't disagree more. When they were finally open for me to stop in there, I was greatly disappointed. I prefer Elaine's bagels in Berkley.

    2. I think Zingerman's in AA has good bagels. They are quite large, but they have the magic combination of heft and tenderness.

      Could also try the Bagel Fragel place on Plymouth Road above the Shell station--used to be Natasha's, but now it's something else, I think. They sell the last remnants of the old Bagel Factory bagels, which produced such novelties as the Smoky Cheese 'n' Onion bagel. I haven't been there for a while but always thought they had the echt bagel taste.

      1. my favorite is elaine's bagels. i go to the one in troy. crusty outside and light on the inside. i love their cheese bagel. i cannot find a website but switchborad says that there is one in berkely.

        1. Get yourself to Ferndale and stop at New York Bagel. On the east side of Woodward Ave., between 9 and 10 Mile Roads. Look for the big yellow awning. Bagels are made on premises, and they're still the best I've ever had. They've got a huge following both locally and out of state, and when they're warm and fresh, there's nothing like them.

          My preference is for a well-done raisin bagel, but they have several varieties, including your plain and egg. Go early in order to get them fresh.

          1. I grew up in Farmington Hills also and went to the same Detroit Bagel Co on Orchard Lake. The BEST bagels in the Detroit area now are Elaine's Bagels, there is one on Coolidge less than a half mile south of 12 Mile - be sure to try them! They're open really early each morning, I think between 5-6 am. Welcome home!