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This may be a futile search, but can anyone point me to a good bagel in this town? I am not dissing SD eats as a whole, just the lack of a good bagel. By good I mean a bagel that is slightly crusty on the outside and soft on the inside. A plain bagel that can be eaten w/out shmear and still taste great. I HATE most of the chain bagels (sorry Einstein's, Brueggers, ect). They are too big, have no crust and don't even taste all that great.

I have already deemed Big City Bagels in Hillcrest to be ok, but I am hoping there is a hole in the wall somewhere secretely selling bagels that will give me my bagel fix a few times a year.

Thanks for any input folks. :)

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  1. suggestion: by putting the town name in any post title you may get more responses. Hounds from all over California are reading this board, not just SD.