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Nov 19, 2007 03:42 PM

Looking for local Farms and Dairy that deliver

I recently started getting fresh fruit and veggies from Pioneer Organics and have had great luck! Are there other farms and dairys that deliver that you reccommend I try? I am in Tacoma. I would love some fresh milk and cheese or local beef. Local and fresh only, as I want to support our farmers!

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  1. Great! I believe Pioneer Organics brings a lot of non local stuff in the off season, so here are a few more resources for you from local farms themselves:

    Here is a pdf link for a brochure listing a handful of local farms that do CSAs. It's a good start, but I know of a whole lot that aren't on here:

    Also, the King County Metro website has a farm finder where you can search by region or a particular item they grow or raise - and I think it's most of the Puget Sound, not just King County:

    They also have this pdf version of a booklet with a lot of detail about farms in the Puget Sound:

    Many of these and other local farms, if you call them or look on their websites, will offer CSAs. My boyfriend's house just finished a CSA from Stoney Plains and was happy with it. They're in Tenino, (360) 273-6786

    Another suggestion: go to a farmers' market, look at whose produce looks appealing to you, and ask if they have a CSA. I think Tacoma's is over, but the U-District one up here in Seattle is all year, and I believe Olympia's is through December.

    For meat and dairy, by the way, I've been really happy with Sea Breeze Farms and Skagit River Ranch, but neither offers a CSA.

    Good luck!


    Edited to add: I realized you didn't use the term CSA. In case you/other readers don't know, CSA stands for "Community Supported Agriculture" and basically means buying an advance share of a farm's produce, which they either deliver or bring to a pick-up spot.

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      I appreciate the information! That list of CSA's will come in handy! I wasn't sure how many people were familiar with the CSA concept. Last year, I did get a farm share fromTerry's Berries in the Puyallup Valley and was overwhelmed with the amount of goodies in their smallest share. I gave as much away as possible, and canned, dried, and froze the rest!

      My husband and I recently read The Omnivore's Dilemma by Michael Pollan, both of us felt compelled to change our eating/buying habits after having our social concience pricked :).

      Thank you for all the good information, and I appreciate the reccommendations too.

    2. I'm pretty sure Pioneer Organics will let you add beef from Skagit River Ranch. I can second the below endorsement of their products. That's the only beef and pork we buy any more.

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        Thanks for the heads-up :). I was unsure of the quality of the beef available from P.O. so I appreciate your reccomendation!

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          Smith Brothers is a local dairy that does delivery. I love having a milk man! We have a standing order that he places in the front porch cooler every week, and we can always add cheeses, eggs etc.

          They are not certified organic, (but will offer soon) but no hormones, antibiotics, and vegetarian diet. Always local.

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            While I still absolutely would pick Skagit every time, I just saw a new delivery service today that you might want to look up. They will allow you to pick and choose from veggies, fruits, and groceries and they tell you where everything you order is coming from. So you can pick only the local farms. They do Thundering Hooves meat. I ordered my turkey from Thundering Hooves last year and it was amazing. Also local and all organic and free range.