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Nov 19, 2007 03:21 PM

Chorizo in stuffing?

We have three people making stuffing for our dinner for 16. I was going to make a traditional bread and sausage stuffing, but one of the other people wanted to make a cornbread version. It made me think to perhaps try chorizo and make a spicy white bread version. Has anyone done a chorizo version? Would you brown the chorizo like sausage to start? (Or is it not crumbly enough?) Any suggestions or recipes would be appreciated, thanks!

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  1. If I were so inclined, I would just swap it out for the sausage in the dressing. If it's fresh, just skin it and break it up as it cooks. If it's the cured kind, dice it. Either way, yes, brown it first.


    1. I agree with davwud brown your chorizo first (it's Mexican right?) You need to brown it first so that you can also drain out the fat as chorizo is a very fatty sausage (though Chorizo grease is so delicious.)

      1. If it's from Spain, make sure you get a good carmelization on it. Otherwise it will be flat. And don't forget, the fat that renders will be nuclear-waste orange that will make your white bread a little Devo-ish.

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          I would think that the chorizo would over-power any flavor that the bread might have. I would use 1/2 rustic white and 1/2 stale cornbread for the dressing.

        2. A belated post to all to say thanks for the advice. I have to say, this made the best stuffing I have ever made. I did a combo of chorizo and pancetta, with really good cubed La Brea Bakery white bread, lots of veggies, homemade chicken broth and herbs. Particular thanks to Juliet for the 'Devo-warning'...had you not reminded me of that, I would have ended up with bright glowing stuffing. But I drained the chorizo and rinsed the pan before then sautéing the pancetta. (I used the pancetta fat with a little butter to sauté the vegetables.) All told, the stuffing was incredible. It will be my standard from now on.

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