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Nov 19, 2007 02:25 PM

Chili's....heading south for the winter?

I have been, for years, a loyal and frequent diner at Chili's. The past few months, the menu has seemed stale and quality declining a little. Sunday my family went there for lunch. The service was decidedly lacking. No followup beverage service, and no one ever checked on our "medium" old timer burgers, which were in fact cooked far beyond well and totally dried out. I know there has been turmoil within the company. Any thoughts from fellow 'Hounds?

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  1. Your experience is nothing like mine have been lately. In fact, some friends and I were just commenting on the better than average service we;ve been getting at Chili's. The food is just as good. I've been to Chili's in Florida and in Texas during the past few months and had great experiences both places.

    1. went a month ago. friday night. ordered a salad and nachos. they were busy, but seriously it was a salad and nachos. it took 45 minutes. i started to get a little flippant with our server, because i knew the prep for our meal literally takes minutes. however, the manager served us, and gave us 50% off our meal. which is really nice.

      frankly, id wait 45 minutes every time just to get 50% off a meal. :)

      ive never considered it a wonderful chain, but im sorry your local one seems like its turning bad.

      1. I've never once managed to get a burger cooked less than well well done at Chili's. And their "big mouth" burgers are only "big" because they're piled high with lettuce. What a crappy place.

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          It depends on who the manager is and how dedicated they are to trying to maintain quality and provide good service.If they are lackadaisacal,and can't be bothered,than
          neither will the rest of the staff.

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            I've been eating at Chili's since the first one opened...went to school with Norman Brinker's daughters. There will always be inconsistencies in a chain, but for the most part I think they do pretty good. Some menu items have changed over the years, and that is bound to tick off a portion of clientele, but they've managed to evolve with the times and still keep the Chili's thing happening. Wish I could say the same for TGIFriday's. We are fortunate to have a good one close by the house. Staff has been consistent for quite some time, and they take care of regulars and newcomer's alike. My biggest complaint is that they won't serve a burger with the slightest hint of pink. And I'm OK with that... now that we have Acme Burger Co here in SLC I won't eat a sitdown chain burger anymore anyway.