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Nov 19, 2007 02:10 PM

TX style steak and egg breakfast?

I'm having a friend down from the Northeast, and he's really itching to try some Texas style steak and eggs for breakfast. I haven't been in Austin long, but I actually don't know of any places that serve this breakfast. Perhaps this is a specialty in other parts of Texas, and we got the migas and tacos?

Anyways, are there any breakfast places that serve this dish?

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  1. Go to the Frisco Shop on Burnet/2222 for a great diner atmosphere and good food. I know Kerbey Lane has it on the menu too.

    1. You can dine amongst roughneck types and get the sort of fare I think you're seeking at Arkie's Grill on E. Cesar Chavez. Check out the blue plates while you're there.

      I've had pretty good luck at Hoover's ordering the two eggs with CFS and biscuits and grits, but you'll be sacrificing an integral part of the experience in the company you keep.

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        I've heard good things about Arkie's, but I haven't been there myself. I do like Fran's on Cameron Rd. For some reason, they serve a Certified Angus Beef ribeye for breakfast, along with eggs, hashbrowns, and toast. It was pretty damn good and the place feels like good people Texas to me.

        Anyone know where some good, fresh, country eggs are served?