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Nov 19, 2007 02:02 PM

Private Room Restaurant - Tampa, FL ASAP

I had a restaurant picked out to propose to my girlfriend, but now I am second guessing the idea. I don’t want to propose in front of a lot of people, so I am looking for a private room in a restaurant. I live in the Carrollwood, so I called Grille One Sixteen, and they wanted a $1000 minimum for 8 people. In addition, when I called the person on the other end presented the room to me in very rude way, by saying in snobbish manner, “If you want the room you have to pay $1000 bucks or we can seat you in the main room.” So I guess scratch that idea. I’m looking for a private room in restaurant for Wednesday night. Yes, I understand it’s a very busy night, but I’m lost! So any ideas would be great!

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  1. You want a private room for 2? Most restaurants reserve them for larger groups and many want a sales minimum- like Grille one sixteen (whose main entrees really aren't worth the price anyway, imo)

    I say go for dessert at Bern's Harry Waugh Dessert room- they have private booths with music and you don't need a reservation for dessert only (they don't take res's for dessert only.)

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      that's an excellent idea. The dessert rooms are very very private and you could try out the new dessert menu ; )

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        Consider Charlie's on Lois near Westhore. They have a couple of private rooms and might have one in your size and price range. If nothing else, I'm sure that they can fix you up with something semi-private for eight.

        Good luck and congratulations!

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          You can still get a dessert booth at Bern's for 8. I've been in 2 different little walled-off rooms with 12 people.
          Mitchell's Fish Market at Westshore mall has a neat private room that can fit that many too- although it's a chain, it was nice and quiet except for our group.

        2. If you like really great seafood, try Oystercatchers at the Grand Hyatt on Courtney Campbell. It's a wonderful atmosphere directly on the water and the fresh seafood is great, if a little pricey.

          They might be able to fix you up with a private room, although I'm sure they can setup a table for eight in a semi-private fashion.

          1. They've got a room with private bar/dinner service etc at Lime on South Howard in Tampa. Though it's not fine dining, it is very close to that and a very intimate setting if you can get the room this late.