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Nov 19, 2007 02:01 PM

what's good in yonkers lately?

Moving back to Yonkers after living in Astoria for a few years...I've been spoiled by lots of good to great food in Queens and am hoping I'll find a few good places in Yonkers.
I'll be in the area of Cross County Shopping center (so Bronxville is also an option), but willing to travel if it's worth it. Looking for eat-in and take out..anything will do, but especially interested in Chineese, Sushi, Thai, Latin and maybe a good pizza place or two.

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  1. We just moved to Fleetwoood, a milefrom Cross County. Just tried Spring Asian on Gramatan and I thought it was good. We bad Gyoza, Chicken Sate and Thai noodles and all were good. Gyoza were my favorite I think. It is kind of expensive but not too bad for some things.

    Joe's Fleetwood makes good pizza. BBQ Rib place is pretty good and there is a brazilian section of town on West Lincoln Ave Mt. Vernon. Can't voch for the food but it looks interesting around there. One place always has a crowd for the soccer game but I hear they make Feijoiada on Saturdays.

    1. I"ve lived in Fleetwood for the past 9 years, and have found some keepers: try Garlic and Pepper in Tuckahoe for good Thai, and Spice Village (also in Tuckahoe) for good and unusual Indian (although its not on your list). Good sushi can be found in New Rochelle (nearer than you think) at Karuta Sushi, and Kang Suh on Central Ave in Yonkers has an excellent selection of Korean and Japanese (sushi). Oh, and I"ve been hearing good things about Que Chula es PUEBLA restaurant in Sleepy Hollow (again, not as far as you think).

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        Good sushi in New Rochelle????????? Where is Karuta Sushi?

        1. re: dolores

          Its actually on the border of New Rochelle and Mt. Vernon - off North Avenue - on Quaker Ridge Road, in a shopping center!! Its a small place, but fresh fresh sushi, and great rolls.. and very friendly staff..

          Go here for more info:


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          Yes, Garlic and Pepper in Tuckahoe has some delicious Thai Food. We were there this weekend and enjoyed the fried catfish in chile sauce. The Massaman curry was also good. For some tasty Jamaican/Southern food, in Yonkers on Nepperhan Ave., try Big Bird take out.

          1. re: gsun

            Does Big Bird have jerk chicken, escoveitched fish, ackee & saltfish, seamoss and ginger beer?

            1. re: pabboy

              And do they have roti? Is it all take-out or are there tables too?

              1. re: laylag

                They have jerk chicken, but I'm not sure about some of the other items mentioned above. You can certainly call ahead to see what's on the menu that day. I know the fried chicken comes out late in the afternoon. While there are one or two tables to eat at, it's primarily a take out joint.

        3. Agree about Spring Asian Cuisine on Gramatan Ave., it's good and can be creative both for sushi and Asian cuisines...try East Harbor on Central Park Ave., Yonkers, between the Yonkers Public Library and Tuckahoe Road, for a good half-price sushi deal offered daily at lunch and, I believe, all day Wednesdays. They have new owners that have added a vegetarian menu as well...and Spice Village definately for Indian.

          1. Had some good Mexican at La Herradura (563 Main Street, New Rochelle). I think that was the name of the place but I KNOW that is the address.

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              That's correct Lollypop. Also, if OP in Yonkers is willing to go to New Rochelle there are a lot of really good Mexican places - Little Mexican Cafe, Mexican Corner and El Michoacan to name a few.

            2. CeeBee - if you search the threads you'll find recs on nearly every cuisine - not all great. Since you were in Astoria you had some great Greek food around you but not much up here with the exception of Santorini, a new restaurant in Sleepy Hollow. Huge thread on it here. New Rochelle for Mexican - several places and Port Chester - most on Main Street for Mexican, Peruvian, Colombian, Salvadoran and Brazilian. If you head to Port Chester don't miss The Kneaded Bread at the end of main and for great, fresh Mexican style ice cream and fruit pops, hit Paleteria Fernandez on Main next to Patrias and Copa Cabana, a new Brazilian churrasscaria. Skip Patrias though - cool atmosphere but food overall, not so good.